Garage DoorsYour garage door is a crucial component to your home’s appearance and security. If you’ve had the same garage door for years, and it’s gone through a bit of wear and tear, you may want to seek out some repairs. However, sometimes the cost of repairs outweighs the cost of the door itself, so you’ll need to determine if it is time to replace or repair your garage door.

At Precision Garage Door of Delaware, we’re here to help homeowners throughout Delaware and North Maryland learn more about their garage door wear and repairs, so they can determine if the door can be fixed, or if it’ll need to be replaced.

Is Your Garage Door Still Functional?

While style is important, function is even more so. You want to make sure that your garage door is functioning properly, in terms of opening/closing, moving at the right pace/noise level, and doesn’t require a lot of repeated maintenance. Your garage door should open and close at a safe speed while emitting very low noise. If the door slams shut, flies open, has loud squeaks, or often needs the same replacement parts or service, it may be time to consider having your garage door replaced.

Updating the Style & Technology

Is your garage door style out of date? Are there noticeable cracks and dents in it? Or is your opener old and on its last legs? The garage door doesn’t need to be completely broken in order to replace it. While some repairs can help fix some of the cosmetic issues, replacing the door completely will not only update the appearance, but it will include a solid door with the latest technology.

Cost of Repairs Continues to Rise

Garage Door MotorIt’s important to maintain your garage door and have it serviced periodically. These services can include checking the alignment of the track, ensuring the opener functions properly, and even assessing the locks. However, if you find yourself constantly calling for repairs or service, it may mean that it’s time to face the facts and realize that your garage door is costing you too much. If you’ve spent more on upkeep and repairs than on the door itself, you’ll want to seek out a newer door replacement, so you won’t have to worry about staying on top of maintenance and service.

Repairing & Replacement Garage Door Experts

If you’ve noticed the signs listed above, or you’ve simply had your garage door for a long time and you’re in need of an update, you can always contact us at Precision Garage Door of Delaware. Our garage door experts will come out and take a look to assess the situation and provide you with a free estimate of the next steps, whether it’s repairs or a full replacement. They’ll gladly provide you with a few options to help you determine if it’s time to repair or replace your garage door.

Contact us at Precision Garage Door of Delaware for your free estimate on your garage door repairs or replacement. We’re here to help homeowners in Delaware and North Maryland with their garage door needs.