You know you need a new garage door, but when it comes to moving your search for the perfect door forward, you may not be sure where to start.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a designer or a garage door specialist to pick out the perfect new garage door for your home. The best advice the pros at Precision Door of Delaware always give is to do your research and know your options.

Keep reading for a walk-through of our most common recommendations to help our local garage door seekers.

Consider Your Home’s Build and Style

garage doorCharting the course for your perfect garage door should start by considering three things: the type of home you have, its current exterior style, and what style you’re looking to convey with your new garage door. Identifying these three attributes will help you to narrow down your options in a natural progression.

If You’re Looking for a Traditional Look

Styles: The two most popular garage door styles, known as traditional or raised panel and carriage house, are versatile options for nearly any home. If you’re looking to simply replace your existing door and maintain your home’s classic appeal, zeroing in your selection on these two door styles is your best bet.

Materials: Both traditional (raised panel) and carriage house garage door styles are produced in a variety of materials with the most popular being vinyl, steel, and wood. Each of these materials is durable and requires little to no upkeep for maintaining the integrity of the door itself. Windows and accents can be easily added to these styles for a simple yet upscale appearance.


If You Want a Modern Upgrade

Styles: If you have a modern home or want to bring a new and different look to your property, a contemporary or custom garage door might be a better fit. These door styles definitely venture away from what most people think of when they think of a conventional garage door. Maybe you want to re-create a special pattern from a door you saw in Europe; custom-built-from-scratch styles allow your imagination to run wild.

Materials: Modern garage door styles often feature modern materials. If you go for a contemporary or custom style, you may consider a frosted glass door, a unique copper or aluminum door, or a wood composite door made from recycled materials painted to bring out the colors of your home.

Get as Much Viewing Time in with Your To-Be Garage Door

Whether you’re looking for a fairly straightforward replacement for your old door or want to choose an adventurous new color, getting maximum face time with your garage door model or concept idea is key. To do this, seek help from an expert design and installation company that can help you envision what the new door you’ve selected will look like once it’s installed.

Showrooms: Many established new door providers feature a showroom you can visit to see the door style and material you’re interested in in person.

Virtual Software: Better yet, some providers let you try on your top picks through a visualization software. These programs allow you to input a picture of your home and swap out different door styles, materials, and colors until you find the perfect fit.

Need More Garage Door Buying Tips?

Now that you have a feel for how to pick the garage door design, material, and color that will highlight your home, it’s time to consider pricing, start looking for a reliable provider, and weigh your options for who will install the door.

For our complete new garage door buying tips that span from idea to installation, download Precision Door’s free Garage Door Buying Guide to ensure that you’re confident about and happy with your new garage door purchase.