Exterior Design

Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Your Garage

The coming of spring is usually when the growing junk pile in the garage finally grabs our attention. One day when you want to get your bike out for an afternoon ride, you realize there’s no clear path to rescue it from the unassuming clutches of the junk side....

Adding Stone Columns to your Home

Adding stone columns to your home can create a luxurious feel for your landscape and also increase the curb appeal. Stone columns are perfect to incorporate into the design when moving in or building a new home. Or if you want to add an element of interest to your...

Tips for Choosing New Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can make all the difference when it comes to the outer appearance of your home and your landscape. Fortunately, revamping your outdoor lighting is relatively easy and inexpensive. And now with the warm weather, there’s no better time to refresh your...

Helpful Tips for Redoing your Home Exterior

You may be thinking that your home needs some sprucing up or some personalized elements to make it feel more like your own, and spring is the perfect season to do it. Remodeling can be expensive and time consuming, but exterior design services allow you to change the...