Your garage door opener contains many parts that help the motor to run and operate your garage door. If one of these parts breaks, it will cause the entire opener to malfunction and need repairs.

Find out about some of the symptoms of a broken garage door opener so you can talk to the repair company when you call them about the problem.

  • Door doesn’t open when you press the button on the wall or remote. If you press the button on the remote or the wall and the garage door doesn’t open, there’s a chance that the garage door opener doesn’t work. If you press the button and it doesn’t respond or make any sounds, this is a sure sign that the opener is a problem.
  • The opener makes strange or loud sounds. A garage door opener isn’t supposed to make strange or loud sounds. If you hear such noises, the opener may not be work correctly. As soon as you hear strange or loud noises from your opener, contact your garage door company. They may be able to catch the problem before it gets worse, which can save you money.
  • The garage door opens intermittently. If you find that your garage door is opening intermittently, this is a sign of your opener malfunctioning.

garage door service marylandWhen your garage door opener isn’t working properly, the best option is to repair the unit rather than replace it, depending on a couple factors. If your garage door opener is old and worn and your garage door company is concerned that there are safety issues, they’ll typically replace it. It will also need to be replaced if it doesn’t meet federal regulations.

The brand of the opener also is a factor of whether it should be replaced or repaired. If it’s a good, reputable brand that the garage door company works with frequently, they’ll repair it. However, if it’s an unknown brand or a discontinued brand or model, there’s a good chance that it will just be replaced.

If you find that your garage door has any of these symptoms, contact a reputable garage door repair company. They’ll come out to inspect your opener to determine what the problem is and if it can be repaired or if they’ll need to replace it.

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