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Top Five Traits of an Experienced Garage Door Repair Company

When your garage door malfunctions, it’s usually at the worse time and causes a major inconvenience. You need someone you can turn to who will repair your garage door properly, safely and as soon as possible. The trick is to start looking before there’s an emergency. But how will you find a garage door company that you can count on?

Learn more about the top five traits of an experienced garage door repair company.

Service Offerings

wrenchesThe first thing to consider when researching a garage door repair company is the services that they offer. You don’t want to hire a company only to find that they don’t perform the repair that you need them for.

Make sure you choose a company that offers spring replacements, opener repairs, new garage doors and garage door installations.

Opting for a company that offers a multitude of services will be beneficial to you in the long run. You may only need a spring replacement now, but you may need a new garage door to be installed later. You’ll want to go with a company that you already have experience with.

Certified Technicians

The technicians that will be working on your garage door hold a lot of power in their hands, so you want to make sure they are reliable. You can find out if they are certified and how long they’ve been working with the business. You can also find out if they are continuing their education and consistently learning about new skills and trends in the industry.

Emergency Services

Garage door malfunctions typically happen at the most inconvenient times and leave you stranded in the garage. Hiring a garage door repair company that offers emergency services can help you get your car out of the garage as soon as possible. You can count on them to be there when you need them most.


You want to work with a company that puts their customers first. Call the company and see if you’re speaking to someone who is friendly and trying to accommodate you as best as they can. You also want to be sure that they can come to perform your repairs relatively quickly so you won’t have to wait too long.

Positive Reviews

While you’re researching garage door repair companies, choose one with positive reviews from people who have worked with them in the past. Lots of people like to share their experiences with companies, whether they were pleased or disappointed. Check out websites like Yelp to find out what other people thought about the company.

Make sure to look for a garage door repair company so you’re prepared in the event that your garage door stops working. If you’re in need of repairs, new doors, or exterior design services, click here to contact Precision Door of Delaware.


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Most Common Garage Door Opener Issues

Your garage door opener operates your system and tells each part what to do. If it begins to malfunction, it could cause your garage door to stop working properly.

Your garage door opener is made up of many different working parts, and typically the broken part can be replaced rather than having to replace the entire system. However, the system will need to be replaced if there is a safety issue or the model has been discontinued.

Learn more about the most common garage door opener issues and what they could mean.

Opener won’t work

If you’re pressing the buttons on your garage door remote and it’s not opening or making a sound, it could mean you need new batteries. First, check the batteries in your remote. It’s possible that they will need to be replaced. Remember that you probably installed the batteries for both the remote and the transmitter on the same day, so it’s a good idea to replace them both.

Garage DoorCheck the batteries first before moving on because this is an easy fix. The easiest ways to tell if the batteries need to be replaced is if you see the lights blinking, you have to hold the remote close to the opener, or it works intermittently

The keypad that you use to punch in the code to open the door also requires batteries, so make sure to replace them if it’s not working.

Opener reverses on its own

If you close your garage door and it begins to shut but then opens back up, it could be that the safety eyes need to be adjusted. The safety eyes for your garage door system sense when a person or object goes near or under the door as it’s closing and then reverses, preventing the door from injuring someone or damaging something.

Make sure that the safety eyes are working by testing them. Lay a board in the garage door’s path and press the garage door opener button so the door closes. If it goes back up, the sensors are working properly. If it doesn’t, the sensors may need to be replaced. There’s also a chance they need to be realigned. For more information about this, click here to check out Precision Door’s video.

Opener makes a lot of noise

Newer models of garage doors are virtually silent and you shouldn’t really be able to hear your garage door open and close when you’re inside of your house. If your garage door is making a lot of strange noises that you haven’t heard before, it could mean that there is something wrong with it. There could be a broken part, or it may be getting too old to function correctly. Be sure to contact your garage door company if your opener starts making a lot of noise.

If you’re having problems with your garage door opener, disconnect the opener from the door as soon as possible by pulling the emergency release when the door is in the closed position. It’s very important that the door is closed when you pull the emergency release, because if there is another issue with the garage door, such as the spring, an open garage door will come crashing down when the release is pulled.

If you’re in need of a garage door opener repair, contact Precision Door of Delaware today!garage door repair guide

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5 Red Flags to Watch Out for When Hiring a Garage Door Company

Hiring a reputable garage door company is necessary if you want quality garage door service. You probably rely on your garage door more than you think and if something were to go wrong with it, you need to count on a garage door company to come and fix it for you.

A garage door is a moving wall that your car and your family are always going under, so it’s crucial to keep it running properly and for a garage door company to perform the correct service on it.

So while you’re on the hunt for a garage door company to keep your garage door running smoothly and your family safe, keep an eye open for these five red flags.

Lack of Testimonials

Most reputable garage door companies have testimonials on their website or would be happy to share them with you on request. If you come across a company’s website that doesn’t have any testimonials, be a little wary. If you ask them for testimonials and they refuse, this is a major red flag.

An esteemed garage door company should be happy to share their customers’ experiences with you. If not, it could be a sign that they don’t have many happy customers. Take your business elsewhere.

Automated Call Service

You want to be sure that you can always speak to a live person when working with a company. If you’re forwarded to an automated call service, you’ll have to wait to even speak to someone about your repair. If you have to leave a message, it could be a sign the garage door company is small and may not have the manpower to complete your request.

New Business

Find out how many years the company has been around. You want to make sure that they’re running a reputable, successful business. This is important not only because of skills and experience, but also because if the company goes under, you won’t have your warranty anymore.

Uncertified Technicians

You need to be able to trust the technicians working on your garage door because if they don’t know what they’re doing, you and your family could be in danger. Ask the company if their technicians have earned their certification, and you may even want to find out how many years of experience they have.

Surprise Visit

If you’ve already hired a garage door company and the technician shows up to perform maintenance or repairs at your home unannounced, it’s an immediate red flag. The company should always speak with you to determine the best time to perform any repairs.


reasons your garage door needs to be maintainedWhen you trust a company to come to your home and work on your garage door, you need to make sure that they are a legitimate, professional company. When the truck arrives at your house, make sure that it has a wrap with the company’s logo. Also, look to see that the technicians are in uniform.

If you need garage door repairs from a reputable company, Precision Door of Delaware is dedicated to high-quality service. Click here to contact Precision Door.


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4 Common Garage Door Repairs

Because your garage door is such a powerful piece of equipment, it’s crucial that it always runs smoothly. If there happens to be a problem with your garage door system, it’s a huge inconvenience and can potentially cause serious injuries if it’s not taken care of right away.

To reduce the risk of injury caused by a malfunctioning garage door, it’s important for you to know what to look for. Learn more about the most common garage door issues so you can catch them quickly.

Your springs are broken.

If you can’t open your door, or if it’s really heavy… or close your door, it’s a sure way to tell that your springs are broken. Another sign is that the opener won’t be able to lift it. There’s also a chance that you have the wrong size springs if your door isn’t opening or closing properly, which could cause a dangerous malfunction.

If you see that one of the springs is broken, do not continue to use the door. This can cause damage to the opener.

Your opener isn’t working properly.

Garage Door RepairsIf your garage door opener isn’t working, the garage door won’t open or close the way it’s supposed to when you press the button on the remote or the wall console. It will work intermittently.

Your garage door opener is made up of many different working parts that can break and stop working. Typically, the entire opener system won’t need to be replaced, and a technician can fix or replace an individual part.

Your garage door is unbalanced.

Your door may be unbalanced if you notice that it looks uneven or if you find that it starts to close by itself if you’ve opened it manually. It may also make strange noises.

An unbalanced door could cause safety issues. In addition to safety issues, an unbalanced garage door could damage the garage door opener.

Your safety eyes need to be adjusted.

The safety eyes for your garage door system sense when someone or something goes near or under the door as it’s closing, preventing the door from injuring the person or damaging an object. You’ll want to make sure that your safety eyes always work properly so no one gets hurt.

The only way you’ll be sure that the safety eyes are working is to test them. Lay a board in the garage door’s path and press the garage door opener button so the door closes. If it goes back up, the sensors are working properly. If it doesn’t, the sensors may need to be replaced. There’s also a chance they need to be realigned. For more information about this, click here to check out Precision Door’s video.

The most important thing to remember is that you should never attempt to perform any of these repairs yourself. More than 20,000 injuries occur each year when people try to repair their own garage doors rather than relying on professionals. The technicians at Precision Door have gone through extensive training and have experience with every kind of garage door issue so they’ll always be able to take care of you and your garage door system.

If you need garage door repairs, click here to learn more about Precision Door.

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