Your garage door system consists of many working parts that rely on each other for the entire system to work properly. It’s important to properly maintain your garage door to keep your home and family safe. Be sure to have regular inspections so any issues can be addressed before a serious problem develops.

If you notice that your garage door isn’t functioning correctly, immediately contact a garage door repair company to inspect your system and evaluate the problem. After inspecting the system, the company will identify the issue and determine which part (or parts) must be repaired or replaced.

Because each part works with the others to power the entire system, it’s common for multiple parts to need to be replaced at the same time. Your garage door repair company will notify you if any parts have been damaged, why they were damaged, and what repairs will be necessary.

Some of the most common garage door repairs include the following:

Spring Repairs

Your garage door is equipped with springs that allow the door to open and close. The springs must be the appropriate size to open and close the door completely without leaving any extra room or slamming to the ground. Garage door companies carry a variety of spring sizes to accommodate your door.

Garage Door Repair servicesA garage door cycle is when the door opens and closes once. A spring is typically designed for a certain number of cycles, so as it’s nearing that number, your springs will wear out and near their breaking point. When a spring breaks, you’ll hear a loud noise or your garage door won’t move.

Springs are installed at the same time, so if one spring breaks, your garage door company should replace both springs because the life expectancy of the other one is probably up soon as well.

The springs are loaded under extreme tension, so it’s vital that you don’t attempt to handle them on your own. Always contact a professional to repair or inspect your garage door springs if you think there’s a problem with them. Attempting this repair yourself can result in serious injury.

Opener Repairs

The opener allows you to open and close your garage door with the touch of a button, whether it’s a remote in your car or the unit on your wall. When your opener malfunctions, it could be extremely inconvenient, leaving your car trapped inside your garage.

Contact your garage door repair company as soon as it appears there may be something wrong with your opener. It may hesitate when you push the button or make a lot of noise as the garage door opens and closes.

A technician will inspect your opener and identify the problem. In some cases, there may be a problem with just the button, which is an easy fix. But if there’s an issue with the opener itself, your garage door company will evaluate it and get your opener working properly again.

When your garage door system isn’t working correctly, it’s important to contact a repair service immediately to prevent injuries or further damage from occurring. For more information on garage door repair services, visit Precision Door of Delaware. This reputable garage door company is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and high-quality products.