Your garage door seems like a simple system because of how convenient it is to operate. For that reason, homeowners tend to think that repairing a garage door issue is something they can fix by trial and error. Do-it-yourself garage door repair is extremely dangerous, and attempting to fix a problem with your door’s system puts you at risk.

To help you look out for the safety of you and your family, Precision Garage Door of Delaware & Maryland put together a list of the dangers of DIY garage door repair.

Personal Injury

From getting up on a ladder and losing your balance to interfering with an intricate system of spring-loaded and motor-driven mechanics—when attempting to fix your garage door yourself, a wrong tweak puts you or those who use the garage in danger of serious injury.

Your health and well-being is incredibly important and something, unlike a garage door part, that can’t always be replaced and restored.

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More Damage to the Rest of the System

If you attempt to repair your garage door, it will likely cost you more in the long run for additional repairs. For example, many homeowners believe that broken springs are an easy garage door part to fix, but the process is in-depth and complicated.

One of the most frequent errors caused by at-home mechanics is installing springs incorrectly or using the wrong spring size. This leads to accelerated wear, a higher risk of the springs breaking again, and increased damage as other parts of the system try to compensate for poor spring performance.   

Money Wasted & Time Lost

Without the knowledge of which parts and tools to buy, the bill for performing DIY garage door repair racks up much higher than it costs to pay a professional garage door services fee.

Also, easy fixes for a technician are likely to take you hours, all the while putting yourself and others at risk. While you may think you have an idea of what you’re doing, unless you’re an IDEA certified garage door technician, DIY garage door repair is not a wise use of your time or money.

Be Smart About Garage Door Repair!

While DIY crafts and projects are great, when it comes to your garage door, think twice (or as many times as it takes) before getting out your toolbox. Saving you money, providing peace of mind, and keeping you and your family safe, seeking the help of a reputable garage door services company in your area is the only way to go.

Homeowners in Delaware and Maryland should contact Precision Garage Door of Delaware for garage door repairs they can trust. Our technicians are certified by the IDEA, trained in-house to expertly handle even the most challenging garage door problems, and ready to roll out to your home or business in the same day with a fully stocked parts truck.

If you’re interested in learning more about your garage door system and how to minimize safety risk, download Precision’s free homeowner’s guide to garage door safety and maintenance