Most of us move through our daily routines paying little attention to our garage doors until they stop working—and by that time, it’s usually too late.

In the same way that cars need routine maintenance to run their best, garage doors require annual tune-ups and ongoing care. What does putting off preventative maintenance for your garage door add up to?

Keep reading as the experts at Precision take you through the dangers of avoiding garage door maintenance.  

Your Garage Door Is Powerful!

It’s easy to forget that the garage door is the largest moving object in the American home. It also happens to be operated by motor-driven power and reactionary parts. Even though safety checks and balances are built into every door system, they’re only most effective when properly maintained. Because of this, garage door maintenance is extremely important.

For more information on your garage door system’s safety features and the importance of routine maintenance, download our free homeowner’s resource on garage door safety and maintenance.

Poorly maintained garage doors lead to:

1. A Higher Cost to Maintain/Replace the Door

Doors that don’t receive the annual maintenance they need wear down at an accelerated rate and can require costly partial or full-system replacements years earlier than the intended door life span.

2. Unpredictable Behavior That Poses a Serious Safety Risk

Garage doors that aren’t maintained build up pressure within their parts that can result in unstable behavior. Doors that are out of touch with their inspections and upkeep are at risk of falling off their tracks, injuring children or pets, or damaging cars or expensive equipment that’s kept safe in the garage.

3. Weakened Home Security

A poorly maintained garage door’s parts are weaker and more susceptible to give in with force and its operation is haphazard. It may not be closing fully flush to the floor or may become stuck in the open position. While a well-kept door can effectively keep intruders out, the symptoms associated with a neglected door are like an open invitation to thieves on the prowl.

4. Noisy Operation

The longer you put off garage door maintenance, the louder the system will make its presence known.  When loose parts are on the brink of giving in, they’ll grind, scrape, and make a racket, disrupting those in the house or even neighbors. Consider this a cry for help from your garage door!

Have You Been Avoiding Garage Door Maintenance?

Putting off the preventative care that your garage needs results in less reliable operation that could have dangerous consequences. Most importantly, the safety of those who use the garage and its resident cars and keepsakes are at risk. If you’ve been putting off garage door maintenance, it’s time to turn things around.

A certified garage door specialist, like the highly trained technicians at Precision Garage Door, is a homeowner’s ultimate ally for garage door assistance. Keep your family safe and secure, save money, and get the most out of your investment by calling Precision today.