While its important to hire a reputable garage door repair company when your garage door system malfunctions, its also beneficial to have some basic knowledge about the system when trying to troubleshoot any issues. This will help you to easily identify problems so you can convey information to your garage door repair company.

Your garage door system is made up of many different parts, so understanding what could go wrong with each of them will allow you to determine whats wrong. Below are some of the most common problems that people experience with their garage door systems.

The remote or wall switch doesnt open or close door. This issue may be inconvenient, but fortunately its also minor. In most cases, the power source has been disrupted, so you should check the battery, circuit breaker, or electrical plug to ensure everything is working properly.

Theres excessive noise when the door opens or closes. This could mean a number of issues and is typically one of the first signs that a garage door is going to break or the opener is about to fail.

whats wrong with your garage door?The garage door slams when closing. Broken cables or loose springs may be causing this problem. You may want to get a closer look at the system to see if this is the cause, but make sure that you stay clear of the springs and cables because they are under extreme tension and dont attempt to replace the springs or cables yourself.

The garage door doesnt close all the way or opens immediately after closing. This may be a sensor problem or security issue. Your garage door is programmed to stay open if it senses that theres something in its path. This prevents it from closing on people or objects. However, its important that your garage door closes completely when you need it to. Make sure there isnt anything in the way of the sensor that could be preventing the door from closing.

The garage door sticks when its opened or closed. If you press the button to operate your garage door system and you notice that the door sticks instead of operating properly, there could be an obstruction on the track or the garage door may be unbalanced. An unbalanced garage door is a common issue many people face, and should be checked by a professional once a year to ensure that it goes down correctly. The cables and springs that suspend the garage door must be the same length and tension for the garage door to be even.

If youre experiencing any of these issues, dont panic. Most of them are minor problems that a repair company can quickly address. Call your garage door professionals when your garage door first starts acting unusually, whether its the door or the system itself. This will help you prevent more serious issues in the future, and keep your family safe. Contact Precision Door of Delaware for more information on garage door repairs.