Your garage door system contains numerous parts that can malfunction or break, so it’s important to have a trustworthy garage door repair company you can rely on for maintenance. Whether you already have a company that you count on or you’re on the hunt for the perfect one, there are some important questions you should ask the company to make sure they will provide the best service for you.

Keep reading to find out what answers you need from your garage door repair company.

Do you perform inspections?

Ask about the company’s inspection process. Reputable garage door repair companies perform extensive inspections on the garage doors and opener systems before starting to work on them to identify any problems in order to make the necessary repairs.

Some companies don’t perform full inspections and will just evaluate one part of the garage door system. This means they could miss other issues with your garage door system.

Do you have a person answer phones or an answering service?

You’ll want to make sure that the garage door company you choose has a live person answering their phones because companies with an answering service may not be as responsive as you need them to be. It’s crucial that you’re able to count on your garage door repair company’s customer service and that they treat your issue as a priority. Talk to a representative from the garage door company to determine whether they’re responsive or not.

Are your technicians certified?

Certified Technician It’s important to deal with a repair company that e
mploys knowledgeable, certified technicians who are skilled in making garage door repairs. Ask the company what kind of training the technicians have been through and the certifications they hold. You should also ask if the technicians continue to receive training in order to keep their skills sharp and fresh while working for the company. Be wary of any company with technicians who don’t hold any type of certifications or haven’t been involved in continued training because they may not perform repairs efficiently and effectively.

What quality of products do you offer?

Ask the repair company about the products they offer. When you’re dealing with a situation where replacements are needed for your garage door system, it’s important to know what replacements you’re getting. Make sure the repair company offers high-quality products you can trust to keep your garage door system running smoothly for years to come.

What are your hours of operation?

It’s important to find out the garage door repair company’s typical hours of operation and also if the company offers any kind of emergency assistance. You may experience a problem with your garage door system late at night or early in the morning, so if the company doesn’t offer 24-hour assistance, they won’t be able to help you. This could be a crucial factor in choosing a garage door repair company, so be sure to find out about this.

Ask these five questions when dealing with a garage door repair company to make sure you find a trustworthy company that will satisfy all of your garage door needs.

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