Your garage door runs off a working system that’s made up of many parts, including a motor. At any moment, one of these parts could be damaged, causing a potential problem for the entire system. Performing maintenance on your garage door system will allow garage door companies to fix broken pieces and identify future problems.

In addition, regular maintenance for your door will save you time and money on costly repairs. This regular maintenance will keep your garage door from malfunctioning at an inopportune time as well.

It’s important that you leave maintenance up to the professionals, as your garage door system can be dangerous when you aren’t a trained technician. However, there are inspections that residents in Maryland and Delaware can perform visually to identify whether there’s an issue with your garage door system.

Visual Inspection

It’s important that you check out your garage door system visually whenever you can. After reading your garage door manual and looking at the diagrams, you should know what everything looks like. When you look up at the system, you’ll be able to identify if something is out of place or doesn’t look right. Taking a few moments to look up in your garage every now and then can save you the trouble of an even greater issue in the future.

Door Balance Test

About once a month, test your door to make sure it’s balanced. Disconnect the door from the automatic opener and lift the door manually. It should open easily and smoothly and stay open. If it’s difficult to lift or begins to close, it could be unbalanced.

Door Reverse Test

Your garage door system has a mechanism that will reverse the door when it’s closing if there’s something in its path, using safety eyes as sensors. It’s crucial to test this feature to ensure that the door never closes on someone.

When the door is fully open, lay a piece of wood in its path then push the button to close the door. The door should reverse rather than closing all the way because the system senses something is there.

Annual Professional Inspection

importance of garage door maintenance More involved inspections must be left up to the professionals who are trained to handle the garage door system. The International Door Association suggests that you have professional garage door maintenance performed once a year based on how quickly the tools that operate your door wear out.

Find a reputable garage door company that offers a multitude of services so there’s one business you can turn to for all of your garage door needs. Start by asking friends or neighbors if they can suggest a company and read online reviews for the businesses. Then do some research or ask them about the training that their technicians have gone through.

Garage door maintenance is necessary to keep your garage door running properly. Make sure to keep an eye on your garage door system and have it inspected every year by a professional.

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