Your garage door opener is the motor that attaches to the ceiling and connects to the garage door system, and controls the movement of your door. It allows you to use a remote to open it for convenience, and also uses corresponding safety sensors to ensure that it doesn’t close on someone or something.

Like all working things, your garage door opener can sometimes malfunction or break. In some cases, the opener only needs to be repaired, but in others, the entire unit needs to be replaced. Your garage door repair company will be able to identify the issue and determine how to fix it.

If you find that your garage door isn’t working, it could be any one of the issues below, or something else entirely. Be sure to contact your garage door repair company at the first sign of a problem so that it can be repaired as soon as possible.

The remote is out of batteries

Iwhy isnt my garage door workingf you’re pressing the button on your remote and your garage door isn’t opening, it could just be that the batteries in your remote need to be replaced. Replace the batteries, and if you still can’t open your garage door, you know that it’s the opener, and not the remote.

After replacing the batteries in your remote, it may be necessary to reprogram it. If you’re trying your remote and it’s not opening your door, be sure to reprogram it in order for it to work properly.  Click here to check out Precision’s video page for a helpful tutorial on how to change the batteries in your remote control.

The motor isn’t working

If you are pressing a button and trying to open or close your garage door and it’s not moving or making any sounds, the opener is probably broken. Have a garage door repair company inspect the opener to determine the problem and fix the opener.

The motor is running continuously

If you find that your motor won’t stop running, the problem may be the limit switch. A professional will be able to adjust your garage door opener to fix this issue.

A different issue is when the opener hums but the door doesn’t move. Inside the motor of the opener, there is a gear that helps it operate. So if the opener makes noise but doesn’t open, it tells the garage door company that the gear has possibly been stripped.

It’s crucial if you’re experiencing issues with your garage door opener, you contact an expert garage door company to perform all repairs. Your garage door system contains many working parts including a motor and springs loaded under tension. It’s very dangerous to be working with these parts because they can cause injury.

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