Between 2003 and 2007, Bureau of Justice statistics estimated that 3.7 million household burglaries occurred on average per year. Of these 3.7 million, how many robberies would you guess started with a burglar using the garage door as an entry point?

The way you and your family use your door and small, inexpensive changes you make can strengthen the security of your garage and your home.

Don’t let your home become part of this rising figure! Check out Precision Door of Delaware’s garage door security tips below for a safer home.

1. Always Close the Door

Garage Door OpeningNothing is more motivational to a thief on the prowl than a lifted garage door and seemingly no one around to stop them from walking in. Minimizing the time that it’s left open and unattended is key.

There’s a fine line between when the door should be closed and when it can remain raised that’s ultimately up to you. For example, you might want the door up if you’re in the yard gardening and returning frequently for a new tool. If you’re not within sight of the door, though, it’s wise to leave it closed.

2.Cover Garage Door Windows

Even with the door closed, a thief who peers in and sees your expensive tools or restoration car unattended is all the incentive they need to plan a break-in.

Covering up garage door windows when you’re out takes garage security to the next level of out of sight, out of mind. Employ blinds, curtains, or translucent window film that still lets light in but keeps prying eyes out.

3. Lock the Main Entry Door

Create an added layer of security between your home and your garage by fortifying the locks on the door that leads from the garage into the house.

Having a deadbolt lock, padlocks, or more than one lock ensures that even if a burglar does get into your garage, there’s a stronger deterrent to keep them from reaching your home and family.

4. Add Lighting

prettyAdding lighting to your garage is one of the best ways to dissuade someone who’s looking for an easy target, as robbers are far less likely to enter a home that they believe is occupied.

Motion-sensor lighting is effective for this purpose. It won’t turn on unless it picks up on movement in the area it covers. That way you won’t have to pay an insane energy bill for this added level of security.

5. Ditch the In-Car Remote

If you own a garage remote that attaches to the visor in your car, the easiest path into your home might be sitting right in your driveway.

Keep the convenience and remove the temptation by getting a keychain opener remote that you can carry on your keys.

6. Consider an Automated System

Automated garage doors and complete home automation systems include smart features that you can pre-program and control on your smartphone. Always knowing that your garage door is shut, your appliances are off, and your family is safe even from afar is one of the best forms of relief!

Find out more about how automated garage doors work here.

7. Keep Up with Regular Maintenance

If your garage door has ever stopped working, especially if the door was stuck half shut or fully open, you know just how much of a safety risk it can be.

The best way to avoid unexpected breakdowns is to enroll in a yearly maintenance plan with a trusted garage door services company, like Precision Door of Delaware’s Precision Care Maintenance Plan.

Through regular inspections, adjustments, and maintenance performed by professionally trained technicians, Precision’s maintenance plan covers all parts of your garage door and opener, includes no additional cost for annual maintenance, and includes a lifetime warranty on the work done, saving you money in the long run and bringing you peace of mind right now.

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