Garage Door Safety Inspection

Garage door safety is an important factor to consider when it comes to your home. This is especially true if you have little ones, and you store some of their outdoor toys and equipment in your garage. Regardless of whether or not your garage door is acting funny—in that the opener is sluggish or it’s noisier than usual—you’ll want to ensure that it’s safe to operate. You’ll want to schedule a safety inspection for your garage door.

What is a garage door safety inspection? Our team at Precision Door Delaware is here to walk homeowners in Delaware and North Maryland through the process of inspecting your garage door and making sure that it’s operating safely.

Why Schedule a Garage Door Safety Inspection?

Garage Door Safety InspectionIt’s crucial to make sure that your garage door is operating safely. Considering that the door is heavy, and is mechanically opened, you can ensure that you will avoid injury by having the components carefully inspected to make sure the door is functioning at its optimal level.

On top of the health risks of a broken door resulting in harm, an improperly functioning garage door can cause severe damage to your home or vehicle, should an issue occur that results in the door falling. Having the door inspected regularly can help you stay on top of any issues, and stay ahead of any potential harm or damage.

Your garage door safety sensors are important to check because these photo eyes can prevent harm. They connect an invisible beam from track to track, and if interrupted by an object in the path, will prevent the door from closing. These components are crucial and should be inspected regularly.

What Garage Door Components Need Inspecting?

Garage Door Safety InspectionA safety inspection of your garage door should occur once a year. Having an expert carefully inspect your garage door, the opener, and the varying components can help you determine their condition, and if there’s any replacements on the horizon. A garage door safety inspection will cover:

  • Checking/adjusting the safety sensors to make sure they’re aligned
  • Ensuring that the opener is functioning properly
  • Assuring the springs and pulleys are in good condition and without tears/breaks
  • Inspecting the garage door track to see if it’s properly aligned
  • Conducting a test of your garage door opener to ensure it’s operating efficiently

Scheduling a Garage Door Safety Inspection near Me

When it’s time to have your garage door checked to make sure that all its components and the opener are in good condition, and that all are functioning at their best, you can always contact us at Precision Door Delaware. Our experts can help you by analyzing your system and checking the garage door features to make sure that everything is functioning properly. If there are a few issues that need to be corrected, they’ll gladly walk you through the garage door maintenance and service that you need to make sure that your garage door safety is optimal.

At Precision Door Delaware, we’re here to assist homeowners throughout Delaware and North Maryland in ensuring that their garage doors are safe and secure.