When deciding on a new garage door for your home, you need to weigh many options. One of the most important options is the style of your garage door. There are a variety of garage door styles from which you can choose, so you can select the best fit for your home.

Read on to learn more about the different garage door styles available so you can figure out which one is right for your home.

Carriage House

The carriage house style is one of the most popular looks for today’s garage doors. This distinctive style is reminiscent of the past, providing a classic look and feel for your garage and your home. The elegant design of a carriage house-style garage door is the perfect addition to any home and provides a sophisticated addition to the overall aesthetic.

Pulling up to a carriage house-style garage door will be rewarding and will also increase your home’s curb appeal and value. You can customize your door by adding windows and decorative hardware, choosing the color of the paint or stain, and choosing what material is used to construct it.


Garage Door StylesYou can enhance your modern home with the clean lines and distinction of a contemporary-style garage door. Adding a contemporary door will provide visual interest to your home and tie everything together for a cohesive look.

You can intensify the presence of your contemporary garage door by choosing a material that complements those of your home and customize the door with decorative hardware and windows. No matter what look you’re trying to achieve, your contemporary door will be a timeless entrance.

Traditional (Raised Panel)

The traditional raised-panel garage door is the most widely used style, so you’ve probably seen it used for hundreds of garage doors across the country. The traditional style is a very common look and is great if you’re looking for a simple design.

Best Garage Door StylesIf you like the traditional look but want to spruce it up a little, you can design a garage door that fits your home and personality by adding interesting details to make it unique. No matter what you do, you can’t go wrong with this classic design that will always be in style.


If you’re interested in a unique garage door, you can create your own custom design to embody the essence of your home. There are endless combinations of materials, windows, and decorative accents to make sure your garage door is exactly the way that you want it to be.

Consult with your garage door company to fully understand the many options available when designing a custom garage door. The end result will be a flawless door that you can’t wait to get home to.

These different garage door styles will look great on any home, and you can choose specific details to make your door unique. For more information about garage door styles, materials, and repairs, visit Precision Door of Delaware. This reputable garage door repair company is dedicated to providing unmatched customer service and high-quality products when you need them most.