No renovation boosts your home’s curb appeal quite like a brand-new garage door. While finding a style that’s tailored to the overall look and feel of your property is key, with so many garage door styles available, narrowing down your selections can be tricky.

To help you explore your options, Precision Garage Door of Delaware and Maryland has rounded up the most popular garage door styles for a special new door–focused post. After getting a feel for each type (or if you’re more of a visual person), hop over to our garage door photo gallery where you can see examples of past Precision projects by door style.

Without further ado, here are today’s most popular garage door styles:

Traditional/Raised Panel Garage Doors

Even though this door style is likely what you think of when you visualize a standard garage door—rows of panels leading up to windows in the top section—there are a lot of customizable elements that can make traditional/raised panel doors fit your home’s unique character.

In general, a traditional/raised panel door tends to be more cost-effective and is made in vinyl, steel, or wood. Choose between a variety of panel sizes and shapes to create a subtle texture or further customize window shapes and sizes to add more flair.  

Carriage House Garage Doors

Carriage house garage doors are a favorite of many homeowners. With handles at the door’s center and four corner bracketing that trick the eye, this well-liked door style creates a rustic look that mimics historic carriage house doors that swung open, with the convenience of overhead operation.

Reminiscent of the countryside while being clean and modern, carriage house doors have an elegant farmhouse quality. They’re usually made of steel or wood, and they offer a variety of panel designs and sizes for their door sections.

Contemporary Garage Doors

For homeowners seeking a garage door to match a modern home aesthetic, contemporary doors are just the ticket. Using unconventional materials and often eliminating windows completely, the contemporary garage door style capitalizes on making an outspoken, minimalistic statement. 

Some popular contemporary door material options include frosted glass, on-trend copper, eye-catching aluminum, or inviting wood composite.

Custom Garage Doors

If you find yourself drawn to a modern door material in an old-fashioned style or have an idea for how you’d like to build a garage door from the ground up, custom garage doors give you the freedom to do so.

The sky’s the limit between design and materials with a custom door and you can make yours as simple or complex as you see fit.

Get More on Garage Door Style with Our Free Guide

We hope this walkthrough of some of today’s most popular garage door styles has helped you envision which features and look you might want for your new garage door.

To find out which door style is the best complement for your home and get more information on accents and customizations, download a free copy of Precision’s Garage Door Style Guide!