A problem with your garage door can stand in the way of your day—literally. If your door won’t open or close, your home’s security is put in jeopardy, and you might feel obligated to put the rest of your plans on hold.

garage door repairBecause of the complexities of your garage door’s system and its many different parts, there are some errors that can occur that are safe for homeowners to handle and other larger issues that are best left to the professionals. Learn more about how to know who and when to call for service below…

When to Call for Garage Door Service

Knowing about the situations where you can try to troubleshoot a solution is key to understanding when a repair call to your garage door services provider is necessary.

No, don’t call when…

Your door won’t open or close.

  • First, test the wall opener in addition to all remotes (this could just be a dead battery issue).
  • If the door is coming down partially and then reversing, make sure your safety eyes are working properly and that nothing is blocking their beam.
    • If neither of these solutions work, move on to the “who to call” section.

A light is blinking on your opener motor. Consult this resource if your opener motor is beeping, blinking, or has a light on that won’t turn off.

Yes, do call when…

You see a broken part or spring. If you look up into your garage door system and see a dangling spring or another part that seems displaced or looks odd, you’ll want to get in touch with a garage door specialist stat. 

garage door repairYour door is off its tracks. If your door is disconnected from the door track, some serious damage has occurred, likely due to broken springs or trauma to the system. In this scenario, it’s best to keep yourself and your family out of the garage and call a professional.

Who to Call for Garage Door Service

No, don’t call…

A neighbor or friend, or call on yourself. Don’t trust yourself or an inexperienced friend to buy a few parts and figure things out, even if you consider yourself or them handy with home improvement projects. There’s a difference between troubleshooting and tinkering with your garage door without the proper training. You’ll spend more money and risk the safety of you and your family.

Yes, do call…

A qualified garage door technician. The only person you can trust to safely tackle garage door repairs is a practicing garage door technician who’s been certified by the International Door Association, the organization that sets quality standards and best procedures in the garage door services industry.

Need help in Delaware or Maryland? Precision Garage Door’s technicians are on standby to help! All work completed by our certified technicians is accompanied by a 25-point safety inspection and a 5-year warranty. For immediate repairs, please call the number on this page.