As the official garage door safety month, June is the time to batten down the hatches and make sure all systems are go with your garage door.

To help make sure your garage door is operating swiftly, securely, and safely, Precision Garage Door of Delaware put together the following garage door safety checklist. Run through and check off these items for a safe summer season and every season!

Conduct a Visual Inspection

garage door repairIt might not sound like much, but you’d be amazed by the problems you can catch before they become dangerous just by taking a ground-level look at your garage door system once a month.

Simply look up and down your garage door, at springs, cables, rollers, and pulleys, checking for signs of wear, broken parts, or anything left hanging or out of place. If you see something strange, contact your local garage door repair company.

Test the Door’s Safety Reversal System

Your garage door’s safety eyes are the mechanism that stops the door from closing when an object, person, or pet stands in the doorway. To ensure that this vital system is working as it should, perform the following test once a month:

Place a 2×4 piece of plywood in the middle of the door’s path, and activate the door to close. If your safety reversal system is working as it should, the door should begin to descend, pause midway, then reverse directions. If it doesn’t, clean the sensors with a clean, dry cloth and test again.

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Test Garage Door Balance

Over time, your garage door can become unbalanced, and is especially at risk to fall out of balance with heavy use or damage. Perform this test seasonally; June is a great time to do so:

Standing inside the garage, close the door and pull the manual release rope to detach the door from the opener. Now, try moving the door manually; it should move easily. Lift the door halfway and release it, taking note of what happens next. If the door stays in place or moves slowly, door balance is good.

Unplug the Opener Unit When You Go Away

garage door repairThis is a simple check to add to your list of ways to secure your house before you leave for vacation. By disconnecting power to the door opener, you help ensure that no one is able to get into your garage while you’re away.

Keep Opener Remotes Out of the Hands of Kids

If you have young children, keep garage door remotes off-limits. Store them in a place that you’ll remember that’s also out of reach.

Hire the Right Help for Garage Door Issues

When you do need help, make sure you’re hiring a qualified door technician to handle the situation. Trying to fix your garage door yourself without the proper experience and training is a dangerous risk that’s not worth taking.

Instead, look for a garage door services provider with a staff of technicians with accreditation and certification from the International Door Association to make sure you’re getting the best service and highest quality repairs possible.

Learn more about how to uphold these safety practices that’ll keep your garage door in top shape and your family and home safe with our free Garage Door Safety & Maintenance eBook!

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