Taking preventative measures with your garage each season can help ensure that the extreme temperature and weather won’t have a negative effect on your garage or home. There are several steps that you can take to not only ensure that your garage door is properly insulated for the changing seasons, but that it’s also conveniently organized for the type of outdoor maintenance you’ll be performing.

At Precision Door Delaware, we’re here to provide some tips for homeowners in Delaware and North Maryland on how to prepare their garage for all weather.

Organizing Your Tools & Accessories

ToolsThe garage can be considered a giant toolbox, but for your heavier equipment. However, you’ll want to make sure that the seasonal-specific tools and equipment are easily accessible when you need them the most. It’s safe to say that you won’t be washing your car or watering the garden in December, and you won’t be needing your snow blower or rock salt in July. Based on the time of year, you’ll want to reorganize your tool racks and your equipment to make sure that they’re easy to get to when the weather of the season is making its presence known.

Determining What Not to Store in Your Garage

Your garage is convenient in that you can store items in it that you can fit elsewhere in your home. However, some items are sensitive to temperature and atmosphere, so you’ll want to choose carefully what you put in your garage for safe keeping.

Flammable items such as gasoline/propane, paint, and cleaning products shouldn’t be stored in your garage during the sweltering heat of summer, and your electronics shouldn’t be kept in your garage during the winter. You may want to rethink storing any clothing, documents/photographs, or even food in your garage because the moisture or humidity can not only ruin these items, but it can also attract rodents who may seek refuge in your garage for the winter months.

Keeping Your Garage at the Right Temperature All Season Long

Garage InsulationIf your garage tends to be cold in the winter and humid in the summer, you may want to take some steps to properly insulate your garage, so not only does it help during the extreme temperatures, but it can also help you save on energy costs. Hot and cool air can seep through an improperly insulated garage door, which will cause your HVAC system to work overtime, leading to wasted heat/air and higher energy bills.

The first step is determining your garage door’s R-Value. R-Value is the level of insulation offered by your garage door, and if the R-Value is low, you may want to consider replacing the door with a new garage door with a higher R-Value. This can help make sure that your garage stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and is less costly on your energy bills.

Get Help from the Garage Experts

If you’re thinking of following these all weather tips for your garage, and you’re considering replacing your garage door for a more insulated one, you’ll want to contact the experts for help. At Precision Door Delaware, we’re proud to help homeowners in Delaware and North Maryland get their garages ready for the upcoming seasons.

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