If you find that your garage door is jammed, it’s important that you contact a garage door repair company as soon as possible to correct the problem. It’s also crucial that you remember to never attempt to repair your garage door yourself. Your garage door system holds a lot of power and can cause serious injury if you’re not qualified to handle repairs.

Be sure not to pull on your garage or try to force it opened or closed. This will end up making the problem even worse and cause more damage, making the repairs more costly. If your garage door is partially open and crooked, don’t touch it. Being off balance could be dangerous. And if the garage door is closed and won’t open, you may be able to raise it by releasing it manually.

Understanding what the problem with your garage door is will help you communicate with your garage door repair company, as well as be able to identify the problem in the future. If your garage door gets stuck and you’re unable to open or close it, there are a few reasons this happened.

1. Your garage door is off the track

If your garage door isn’t opening or closing, it could be because it’s off the track. You can identify this by looking up to see that the rollers are no longer on the track. You’ll need to contact a professional to put it back on the track.

There could also be something in the way of the track. Check to see if there are any obstructions that fell in the track, causing the door to be lodged. You may be able to remove the object, but you may want to contact a garage door professional for assistance.

2. A garage door spring is broken

If your garage door springs are broken, you will not be able to open or close your garage door. If you look up at your springs, you’ll be able to identify if one of them is broken. Replacing garage door springs is a dangerous process, so be sure to contact your garage door repair company to replace them.

3. Something is in the way of the sensor

Your garage door comes equipped with sensors for safety purposes. When something gets in the way of the sensor, the garage door will not close. This feature is beneficial, because it will never close on a child or a pet, but sometimes other objects can get in the way of the sensor that you may not notice, causing the door to become stuck. If you’re unable to close your garage door, the sensors and clear any debris out of the way, then try to close it.

The sensors are very delicate and may become misaligned, which will also keep your garage door from closing. So if you have cleared everything out of the way of the sensors and the door still will not close, contact your garage door repair company for assistance.

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