garage door 5If you had a garage door that had to be opened and closed manually but recently upgraded to a modern system, you might be thinking, how much easier can using my garage door get? Automating your garage upgrades the capabilities of your modern system to an even higher degree while also allowing you to take full control over the security of your home.

Garage Door Safety Month is a great time to consider the benefits of automating your garage or installing a full home automation system. Find out more about the many advantages that come with these time-saving, programmable units below.

Your Home and Smartphone Collide

Most garage door automation systems, many times called smart openers, feature a door control module and door position sensor and connect to an accompanying app that the homeowner can install on their smartphone.

The control module and position sensor constantly monitor each time the door is used and houses this information in the app. Knowing this, here’s what using these capable systems can do and bring to you and your family:

Enhanced Convenience

With automated garage door systems, as long as you have your phone, you have access to your garage door. With function wired through to the app, these tech-savvy systems allow you to open or close your door from any location in the world.

Say, for example, if you need to let in a family member or friend to check in on a pet while you’re at work or maybe your son or daughter has a half day from school and they forgot to bring their key with them, you can open your home’s garage door with a quick tap in the app and see to it that they get in safely without having to make further arrangements.

Safety, Security, and Peace of Mind

Automated garage door systems also come equipped with advanced scheduling features that further automate the opening and closing processes. Ever have to turn the car around because you couldn’t remember if you pressed the button to close your garage door as you were leaving for work?

This is just one area where a smart opener can help to give you peace of mind. You can program the door to be open during the time window in which you normally leave the house and then automatically close once the threshold time is reached. So even if you forget to tap the remote as you’re backing up, the security of your home isn’t compromised.

Save Energy

On the weekends or during summer vacation, you might be more inclined to leave your garage door open while the kids ride bikes in the driveway or play with the neighbors. Imagine how many times your garage door goes up and down when the kids decide they want to trade toys. Automating this process so the door stays open during certain days and hours allows you to save on energy costs.

You can also make custom schedules in accordance with your family’s routine for specific days of the week. For example, on weekdays during the spring, you might want to have the door open to signal outdoor playtime between when the kids get home after school and before it gets dark.

About Complete Home Automation Systems

Fully integrated home automation systems allow you to do all of the above and apply this advanced level of control to the lights, locks, heating and cooling, and various appliances in your home.

Several of the garage door openers we carry and install at Precision Door incorporate automation capabilities. One of our most popular smart openers, the 8550W Lift Master, allows smart door programming, app reporting, and energy-efficient operation that uses up to 75% less power!

To inquire about this opener or take the next steps in automating your garage door, contact Precision Door of Delaware’s garage door specialists for more information.