When the temperatures drop to freezing, there are several garage door issues you could face. During the winter months, a lot could go wrong that will keep you from protecting your car when you need a place to store it the most. By understanding these problems before you encounter them, you’ll recognize why they happened and be able to communicate more effectively to your garage door repair company.

Learn more about the common garage door issues you may face during winter.

Broken Springs

Because freezing temperatures take a toll on the metal, it’s common for springs to break in the winter. When garage door springs break, you’re unable to open or close your garage door. While you can’t prevent this from happening, it’s a good idea to have a professional inspect them before the winter hits. They can determine whether or not they will need to be replaced so you’ll be taken care of throughout the season.

Accumulated Snow or Water

As snow falls and melts, the ice and water may build up beneath your doorstep which can cause it to malfunction, or freeze your door shut so you can’t open it. It’s important that you remember not to force the door to open.

First, disconnect the door from the opener so that the opener isn’t struggling to move the door. Then, remove the snow or ice or let it melt first. One way to do so is to pour hot water along the seal.

It’s also a good idea to try to keep the area clear as often as possible. Sweep away water puddles when you notice them and shovel the area often. This will prevent build up from occurring.

Damaged Weather Stripping

garage door repairs for the winterThe water and snow that tend to collect around the bottom of the garage door could also damage the weather stripping. When you try to open the door when it’s frozen, the stripping will get ripped. Be sure not to open the door if you see ice collected at the bottom to prevent this from occurring.

Before winter, you may want to have your weather stripping replaced so that it’s sturdy and durable for the winter. One way to determine if your weather stripping needs to be replaced is to go inside your garage with the door closed and the lights off. If you can see light from outside, your weather stripping needs to be repaired.

As winter is approaching, you should have a garage door repair company come to inspect your garage door and prepare it for the cold months ahead. Preparing in advance can help you save time and money and prevent more damage in the future.

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