In the world of garage doors, you get what you pay for. To fully enjoy the long-term benefits that a new garage door provides, you need to make sure that you spend your money carefully and choose a quality product over a door with a petite price tag.

To help you steer clear of purchasing a garage door that won’t work to your standards, Precision Door of Delaware’s garage door experts have put together a glimpse into the woes that buying a cheap garage door can bring. A cheap garage door…

1. Lacks Design Detail

garage door 6If you’re interested in elevating the exterior of your home by replacing your garage door with a new one, an inexpensive door isn’t going to help you in working toward this goal.

Aside from the door itself coming across as plain or dull, big box stores that sell them usually aren’t able to offer the color selection or quality customizations that can really set the door apart and take your property’s appearance to new heights.

2. Isn’t as Durable and Could Pose a Security Risk

A garage door’s price largely comes from the material it’s made of, which is why cut-rate garage doors point to shoddy craftsmanship.

Not fortified to stand up to the elements or withstand a break-in, moving forward with purchasing one of these doors is much more of a quick fix than an investment in the safety and security of your family.

3. Is More Likely to Break Down

In comparison to quality garage doors that are soundly built, cheap doors are notorious for acting up and breaking down in dramatic ways.

When actually put to work at the forefront of your home’s operations, these garage doors are far more likely to fall off their tracks, buckle under pressure, dent, and become damaged with normal use.

4. Costs More in the Long Run for Repairs or Replacements

The substandard materials used in a cheap garage door’s construction rapidly leads to parts that wear down faster and complications with the door’s operation.

Garage door to garage door, the unfortunate reality is that you might wind up having to replace an inexpensive garage door twice or more in the time that a quality garage door would have lasted!

5. Costs More for Heating and Cooling

A cheap garage door is also a step backwards when it comes to your home’s energy bill.

Inexpensive doors lack insulation and durability and don’t seal as well between the bottom of the door and the garage floor, meaning more cold air can get in during the winter and heat in the summer. Together these drawbacks make for wasteful energy spending, no matter the season.

Cheap Garage Doors: The Takeaway

Though their small price tags may tempt you otherwise, when it comes to buying a new garage door, you want one that can stand up to the demands of your home, look the part, save you money, and keep your family safe. In the end, cheap garage doors just don’t fit the bill.

When shopping for a quality garage door, beware of big box stores that sell these discount doors in their inventories. You should always seek out a specialty garage door provider for quality, fortified products and expert level installation, like Precision Door of Delaware.

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