Picture this: you’ve arrived home from a day of running errands, chauffeuring your kids around, and just like any other day, you’re ready to pull into your garage – but this time, it doesn’t open. There you are, stuck!

It occurs to you that your garage door has evolved into your family’s front door. It’s now the main door your kids use when they get home and when they leave to meet the school bus the next day. It’s the door your friends come through when they arrive for dinner. It’s the door. Not to mention, now that you’re sitting here staring at it, you realize you don’t really like how it looks, or the fact that it suddenly stopped working – which probably has to do with all the noise it’s been making recently.

The good news: you have the power to fix it, and it’s easier than you think.

A typical garage door takes up to 30% of your home’s exterior. It makes sense that you would want yours to look its best, and perhaps even create a little curb envy among your neighbors. Thinking of selling soon? You’ll be happy to know recent studies have shown that installing a new garage door can offer an ROI of up to 84%.

Now, back to your garage door (which is still not working). Believe it or not, this happens more often than people realize; and while that reassurance doesn’t help the situation, here are two options to fix your door now and prevent this issue from occurring again:

  • Get a new garage door: It’s as easy as looking at your options, picking out what you want, and having a professional come out and install it for you. And with so much selection available, your garage door professional will help you find something that meets your budget and style.
  • Have your current door inspected by a professional: The IDA (International Door Association) recommends you have your door inspected and maintained on an annual basis by a professional. We’re specifically trained to look for any part of your door that could potentially cause harm to you or your family.

Are you considering a new garage door or simply want to get your current door fixed and operating smoothly? Find a Precision Door location near you and speak with a garage door professional who will answer your questions, provide a free quote and review our Precision Guarantee.