A certain level of noise is to be expected when you open and close your garage door. It can be a big indicator to your family that you’re home from work. However, if you happen to arrive late when everyone is asleep, or you head out early before everyone wakes up, a noisy garage door can be troublesome. There are a few reasons that your garage door is emitting a lot of noise, but it could also be a huge indication that it may be time to replace your garage door springs.

At Precision Garage Door of Delaware, we’ve compiled this guide to help homeowners in Delaware and North Maryland learn why their garage door is making loud noises, and if it is the springs, it may be time to replace them.

Reasons Your Garage Door Could Be Making Loud Noises

home with treesEven though the springs can be a major cause to the excessive noises during the opening and closing of your garage door, they may not be the only factors at play. There are several garage door components that could be causing the noises, so you’ll want to be completely sure that it’s just the springs before you replace them.

Check the nuts on your track and door. You may need to tighten a few with a socket wrench, but be sure not to overtighten them, because this won’t help the noise go down. You may even have worn rollers on your door that lead to the excessive noise when they’re running up and down the track. Check the rollers for wear, and if they’re causing a lot of noise, consider swapping them out with nylon rollers rather than metal.

Are the Springs Making the Noises?

Garage Door RepairTo determine if the cause is your garage door springs, you’ll want to identify the specific sounds. If there’s a clinking sound, it could mean that your springs have rusted, and the noise you hear is them rubbing together. This is a quick and easy fix because all you’ll need is some oil-based lubricant to apply to the springs, the rollers, and the hinges.

However, if the sound you hear is a loud thumping, the problem may be more serious. The thumping sound could mean a broken spring, in which case, you’ll need to replace it. Replacing garage door springs is a pretty significant job that requires a professional touch, so if you’ve diagnosed the problem, contact garage door professionals for help and don’t try to fix it yourself, because if not done properly, it could lead to harm.

Contact Your Garage Door Professionals

If you’ve identified the issue that’s causing the garage door noise and it’s going to require a spring replacement, you can always contact us at Precision Garage Door of Delaware for help. We’ll be happy to help make your garage door quieter and more efficient for your home and your family!

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