What to Do When Your Garage Door is Off Track

When Your Garage Door is Off Track

When you rely heavily on your garage door to gain access to your home, your lawn equipment, or your additional storage, it’s important to ensure that the door is in good condition. There are a wide variety of factors that could affect the overall function and security of your garage door. One of the most common problems is your garage door track misalignment.

Our team at Precision Door Delaware is here to help home owners in Delaware and North Maryland figure out what to do when your garage door is off track!

Why Did My Garage Door Come Off Its Track?

When Your Garage Door is Off TrackThere are a few reasons to why your garage door comes off its track. The first step towards getting your garage door back on track, literally, is finding out what caused it to become misaligned. Here are a few of the most common reasons your garage door is off track:

  • Worn Out/Broken Rollers- Your rollers are a small, but crucial component to your garage door’s up-and-down motion, allowing it to roll along the track. However, when a roller is too worn or busted, your door will have difficulty opening/closing, and could even slip off the track.
  • Broken Lift Cable- The lift cable is responsible for providing resistance so your door doesn’t slam shut or fly open. But if the cable is broken, your door could slip further down the track and slip out of the track’s rails.
  • Bent/Broken Track- Your garage door tracks are metal, but the weight of your garage door is considerable. If a track were to break or bend, it could cause the door to slip out of the track.
  • Damaged Door from Impact- While rare, accidently hitting your garage door with your car can happen. This force of impact, even at slow speeds, can knock the door out of its track placement.

Getting Your Garage Door Back on Track

When Your Garage Door is Off TrackThe repairs or maintenance on your garage door, along with getting it back on its track, all depend on the cause of how it fell off its track. If it’s the rollers, simply purchase new ones and install them on the track and carefully connect your door. If the cable is broken, you’ll need to replace it.

But when you’ve got a bent or broken track, the repairs are more involved and costly than a simple replacement part. In this event, you may want to consult garage door experts who are certified and specially trained to handle this type of involved and potentially hazardous form of garage door maintenance. If the door is damaged from falling off its track, or from an accidental vehicle impact, you may be looking at an overall replacement instead of repairs.

Contact the Garage Door Experts at Precision Door Delaware

If you’re looking at a garage door off track, and the repairs are involved and could pose a possible health risk, you may want to consult the professionals. At Precision Door Delaware, we’re here to assist homeowners throughout Delaware and North Maryland with their garage door repairs. Our team will carefully inspect the issue of what caused your garage door to become off the track, and they will provide the necessary service and repairs to get your garage door back to working order.

Contact us for your garage door estimate at Precision Door Delaware!


Services to Ensure that Your Garage is Safe & Secure This Spring

Securing Garage Door

Now that spring is on its way, you’ll want to do everything to make sure that your home is secure. You can install cameras and alarms, but one of the most important parts of your house you need to safeguard is your garage. There are plenty of services that you can have to make sure that your garage is secure this spring.

At Precision Door Delaware, we’re here to help homeowners in Delaware and North Maryland learn more about the various ways and services that can help them keep their garage secure.

Installing Motion-Sensor Lights & Alarms

Garage Motion SensorsMotion-sensor lights have proven to be very effective at thwarting any breaking-and-entering attempts, because not only does it inform you that there’s movement on your property, but a criminal won’t have the stealthy advantage of the cover of darkness. When the security alarm activates, not only will it cause the perpetrator to flee, but it can inform you that there’s an attempt to break into your home.

Getting Security Cameras

Security cameras have two major purposes: They record any activity that’s occurring on your property and near any entrance to your home, and they can also deter any activity simply because they’re there and visible to any passerby. However, if the cameras go unnoticed, you’ll have video proof of the act and will have something to give to the authorities.

Updating the Locks on Your Garage Door

Garage Door OpenerIf your garage door is old, you may want to consider getting newer and more advanced locks. Updating the lock with thicker bolts could add more protection to your home, securing you and your family safely inside.

Securing the Garage Door Remote

This may be the simplest step of securing your garage door, but it’s very important. If your vehicle isn’t parked inside your garage, then take the remote out. It gives any potential thief an advantage to break into your car to utilize the opener. Keeping your remote in your home can help reduce the risk of your garage being at risk.

Disabling Your Opener & Securing Your Door When You Go Away

garage door remoteWhen you plan a vacation, you may want to prep your garage for your absence to ensure that it’s safe while you’re away. This includes disabling your garage door opener, so it won’t open or close without you there.

Contact Garage Door Professionals to Make Sure Your Door is Secure

If you’re uncertain of your garage door’s security, or you’re simply looking for ways to improve its locking mechanism, you can always contact us at Precision Door Delaware. We’d be happy to perform some routine tests and inspections to assess the security of the door, and we’ll even provide some tips or suggest services to make sure that nothing’s getting through your garage door.

Contact us at Precision Door Delaware for a garage door inspection to see if your door passes the security test! We’re proud to help homeowners in Delaware and North Maryland make their garage doors more secure!

Spring Cleaning Your Garage

Spring Cleaning Your Garage

Now that the weather’s getting warmer and winter is on its way out, it’s time to prepare for spring! Spring cleaning your garage is important because it’s your chance to get rid of the cob webs and debris that started forming and collecting at the end of fall, as well as dust off your garden tools and yard equipment. However, there are specific factors that you’ll need to focus on when you get started!

At Precision Door Delaware, we’re here to provide some tips for homeowners in Delaware and North Maryland for when they begin spring cleaning their garage.

Clear Out the Space

Cleaning Your GarageThe best way to get started on tackling the clutter in your garage is to simply clear it out from the non-essential materials. You’ll want to pull any cars out to help open up the area so you can truly assess the level of cleaning and clearing your garage needs. This means removing any items stacking up in the corner, as well as any materials hanging off of any ceiling racks.

Moving any materials out of your garage can make for a seamless clean with sweeping, mopping, or even hosing out any vehicle fluid stains. When you’re cleaning, you’ll want to keep your garage door open to help air out the fumes from any chemicals you may be using.

Find New & Efficient Ways to Organize Your Storage

Cleaning Your GarageFor a lot of homeowners, the garage is the closet for summer materials during the winter. Whether you’ve got surfboards, beach chairs, or sporting equipment, you’ll want to find a way to neatly organize them so you can make full use of your garage throughout the year. With the garage cleared out during your spring cleaning endeavors, it’s the right time to think of new and creative ways to deal with storing these materials.

You may want to take this opportunity to install some shelving on the walls. Of course, you can even install a slat wall with hooks to hang any year-round equipment for easy access as well as storage that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Inspect & Clean Your Garage Door and Door Opener

Cleaning Garage DoorWhen you’re spring cleaning your garage, it helps to scrub the door on both sides. You’ll want the door looking clean inside and out. Of course, this is your chance to remove any cobwebs from the door track to ensure that it opens/closes seamlessly. You’ll also want to use this opportunity to inspect for any rust or warping on the tracks, rollers, hinges, pulleys, and springs. Finding any type of wear early can be beneficial because preventative maintenance is less costly than emergency repairs.

Consult the Garage Door Professionals for Your Door Inspection

While you can easily check your garage door to see if there’s any issues forming, garage door professionals like our team at Precision Door Delaware can easily spot any issues forming, or miniscule wear or damage that can worsen over time. They’ll take a look around and ensure that your garage door components are in proper working order, as well as provide some routine maintenance to the opener, rollers, pulleys, hinges, and springs.

Contact our team at Precision Door Delaware to help you kick off your garage spring cleaning by making sure that your door and opener are in great shape for the upcoming warmer months! We’re proud to help homeowners throughout Delaware and North Maryland with their garage door needs.

How to Install a Garage Door Opener

Having a reliable opener for your garage door can make all the difference. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you install the garage door opener properly, so the door can function at its best without any issues or hiccups along the way. Our team at Precision Door Delaware is here to help homeowners in Delaware and North Maryland learn more about the types of garage door openers, as well as the procedure of installing one in their home.

What Type of Opener/Operator Should I Get?

Garage Door Opener InstallationWhile there are plenty of different garage door openers that are widely available at any home improvement retailer, you’ll want to make sure that you’re finding a quality piece of machinery that will perform its functions and last you a good while. LiftMaster openers are generally the go-to option because they’re popular, well-built, and have lasted the years. They’re the most reliable and the highest quality in the entire industry.

Installing Your Garage Door Opener

Installing your garage door opener is a complicated and involved procedure that requires a few hands for assistance in lifting heavy materials and holding components in place while they’re being fastened. You’ll want to lay out all the parts and components to make sure you have everything you need to move forward.

Step 1: Assemble the rails and insert the brackets.

Step 2: Attach the trolley.

Garage Door OpenerStep 3: Attach the rail to the motor unit.

Step 4: Install the belt and idling pulley to the trolley and wrap the belt around the sprocket on the motor unit. Then, connect to the trolley.

Step 5: Install sprocket cover.

Now that the motor and its components are put together, you can officially begin the installation.

Step 6: Locate structural support and fasten the header brackets (must be structurally sound and tightly fastened).

Step 7: Connect the garage door rail to the header bracket.

Step 8: Connect the motor unit to the support brackets.

Garage Door OpenerStep 9: Install the emergency release rope and the light bulbs.

Step 10: Install the door bracket to the vertical reinforcement and the door arm.

Step 11: Install the safety sensors and wire them to the opener (these sensors must be aligned and there are settings to program into the system).

Once all the steps are completed, you can rest easy knowing that your garage door is installed!

Consulting the Garage Door Professionals

While the directions above seem streamlined, the process of installing your garage door and putting the components together are actually pretty complicated, and if not installed properly, can be risks to your health and home. Instead, you can always contact us at Precision Door Delaware for help!

We carry LiftMaster products, but we’ll install LiftMaster or Chamberlain openers that you’ve purchased elsewhere that are in new condition. We also offer Wi-Fi compatible openers that allow you to open or close your garage door with your mobile device, making it easier to head out or get home!

Get started on your garage door opener installation by contacting us at Precision Door Delaware. We’re here to assist homeowners in Delaware and North Maryland with their garage door needs.

Ways to Update Your Current Garage Door

Your garage door is a crucial component to your home, as it factors into not only the design, but also the security. You may feel that it’s time to update your garage door, but you don’t want to replace it entirely. At Precision Garage Door of Delaware, we’re here to help homeowners in Delaware and North Maryland learn all about the ways to update your current garage door.

Here are a few tips to help you out!

Update the Design & Appearance

Garage Door DesignSince garage doors can be pricey, finding ways to get more out of your current one can help you cut down on costs, especially during home renovations. But if you got new siding, or new shingles, you may want to accent the stylistic update by matching your garage door. Whether your garage door color has faded, or it doesn’t match with the new exterior décor of your home, you’ve got a few options:

  • Paint Your Garage Door: You’ll want to start by sanding off any rust or peeling paint. You’ll then want to brush a layer of primer onto your garage door to ensure the paint sticks and holds up to the elements.
  • Use a Gel Stain: Using a stain can be very beneficial because it allows you to alter the current color of your garage door, and you don’t need to put on a layer of primer first. Once you’ve got the first coat on, add a finish to help keep the color intact during turbulent weather.
  • Reface Your Garage Door: Since the hardwood look is in, you may want to jump on the trend and add a molding to your garage door to give it that rustic look without having to replace it.

Improve the Functionality of Your Garage Door Opener: Belt Opener vs Chain

Garage Door FunctionalityIf you’re happy with the style of your current garage door, but its functionality can be improved, you may want to consider updating the garage door opener. There’s a lot of heavy debates between the belt garage door opener vs. chain. Both have their set of advantages, but you’ll want to carefully consider which one is right for your garage door.

Belt garage door openers are pretty common, and also well-received. They’re more expensive than chain openers, but belt door openers have one crucial advantage: noise—or lack thereof. Since belt garage door openers use a rubber belt, they’re virtually silent when it opens and closes, making them a more pleasant opener.

Chain openers are one of the gold standard garage door openers. The chains are durable, and require very little replacing over the years. However, chain openers are pretty loud, and the noise isn’t the easiest on the ears if you’re in close proximity. If you enjoy knowing when your garage is being opened while you’re in your home, chain openers may be the right fit.

Contact Us at Precision Door Delaware to Help with the Updates

When it comes to updating your current garage door, you can easily do some of the tasks on your own. However, when it comes to installing/replacing your garage door opener, you’ll want to consult the professionals because the project can be demanding, complicated, and dangerous. When you’re ready, contact us at Precision Garage Door of Delaware for your free estimate so we can help you update your garage door!

At Precision Garage Door of Delaware, we’re proud to help homeowners in Delaware and North Maryland update, maintain, and repair their garage doors.

The Top Winter Garage Door Problems & Solutions

Winter can be a tricky time around the house. The bitter chill, the snow storms, and the shoveling are enough to want to stay inside. However, while most of these weather-related issues can be easily solved, there’s a few issues with winter and your garage door that require a little more know-how. At Precision Garage Door of Delaware, we’re here to help homeowners in Delaware and North Maryland by listing off the top winter garage door problems and solutions that they may face this winter!

Damage to the Remote Sensor

Garage Door RemoteWhile the cold is expected during the winter, on occasion, it will be especially cold; this is due to a polar vortex which can bring temperatures down to the low teens, or even single-digits. When this happens, it can have a variety of effects on your garage door remote sensor. Most notably, it can cause the sensor to crack, which leaves it ineffective at opening your garage door. To have it fixed, you’ll want to consult garage door professionals, or simply replace the sensor.

The Garage Door Locks Up from Ice

If your garage door has multiple panels, it’s common for moisture to find its way in between the panels. During winter, this moisture can freeze and cause your door to lock up and have trouble opening. The solution, however, is pretty simple. All you’ll have to do is use a heat source to melt the ice in your panels that’s locking your door up. Space heaters and blow dryers are recommended for this task because anything that emits extreme heat can cause damage to the metal parts.

The Cold Effect of Metal Parts

garage door repairMetal can be very temperamental when it comes to extreme heat and cold. However, in the winter, if the weather is frigid enough, it can cause metal components of your garage door to contract and possibly break. This can cause significant problems with your garage door’s function, especially if the cold causes items like springs, screws, or even rails to break.

These components will need to be replaced, but if it’s a spring or rail that has been damaged, you may want to consult a garage door professional to handle the task. You can also get ahead of the problem and apply high-quality lubricant or oil to the metal parts included with your garage door to reduce the effects of the cold.

Dealing with Damaged Weather Stripping

Garage Door Weather DamageThe weather stripping on the bottom of your garage door often makes contact with frozen surfaces. When the stripping gets cold enough, it can actually crack the rubber, which can greatly affect the integrity of the stripping. When this happens, it can decrease the warmth of your garage, and in turn: lead to high heating costs.

If the stripping is cracked, you’ll want to replace it as soon as possible. However, you can take preventative measures to reduce the risk. Simply keep a brush near your garage door entrance and brush any falling snow away from your door.

Consult Garage Door Professionals

If winter has caused any form of damage to your garage door, and the fix isn’t that simple, you can always contact us at Precision Garage Door of Delaware. We offer free estimates to help you get a sense of the level of service your garage door needs so you can plan ahead! We’d be happy to help you winterize your garage door, or provide the necessary repairs caused by the winter weather.

At Precision Garage Door of Delaware, we’re here to help homeowners in Delaware and North Maryland with their garage door needs. Contact us for a free estimate on service or installation today!


Understanding Your Precision Garage Door Warranty

At Precision Door Delaware, we’re committed to helping homeowners all across Delaware, and North Maryland with their garage door endeavors, even long after we’ve installed the door! We stand by our work and products, and proudly offer the Precision Done Right! Guarantee. If you’ve had a Precision Door installed, or you’re considering replacing your garage door, you’ll want to learn more about our helpful warranty and how you can benefit from it.

Warranty for Garage Door Installation

Garage Door WarrantyHaving your garage door installed is serious business. It’s a complicated process that should be left to the trained professionals. While you’re free to install your own garage door, there’s risks involved including possible damage or harm. That’s why our team is here and happy to do it for you!

Our Precision Done Right! Guarantee covers you after we’ve already installed your garage door. At Precision Garage Door of Delaware, we guarantee against any defects in the workmanship for all new garage doors that we install or furnish. This means that if there are any complications or issues that lead to the garage door failing, based on or related to workmanship, we’ll correct the issue with absolutely no charge for labor for one year from the date of your garage door installation.

Precision Warranty on Service & Maintenance

garage door maintenance warrantyPart of having a quality and well-working garage door is through routine inspections and maintenance. However, when your garage door experiences an issue, whether it’s with the door itself, the opener, or one of the opener components, our team in Delaware and North Maryland are here to help you correct the issue and have your garage door functioning at its best again.

Part of our commitment to our customers is that we also offer a helpful warranty that accompanies our garage door services and repairs. We guarantee against any and all defects in workmanship for any service and repair work that we perform on your garage. We offer this helpful warranty for up to five years*, and we’ll replace any faulty parts or correct any issue related to workmanship for the specified warranty period with no charge for labor.

Contact Us for Service or Installation

When it’s time for your garage to be serviced or repaired, you can always call our office and we’ll come out and inspect the issue. We offer free estimates, so there’s no harm in giving us a call. We’re also here to help you install your new garage door, so if you decide it’s time for you to update your home with a new garage door, we’ll be there to help. Whether it’s installing the door, or the opener, we guarantee against any faults in workmanship or parts so you can rest easy knowing that you’re being taken care of.

At Precision Garage Door of Delaware, we’re proud to help homeowners all across Delaware, and North Maryland with their garage door needs!



*Depending on the length of guarantee chosen by the customer.

Top 5 Things to Do in Wilmington DE This Summer

Between its riverfront location, fascinating museums, and downtown shops, restaurants, and breweries, Wilmington, DE, is the place to be in the summertime. Check out the top five things to do in Wilmington, DE, this summer below…zoo with son

Visit the Brandywine Zoo

Summer is the perfect season to venture to Wilmington’s own Brandywine Zoo, a zoo built on historic grounds along the Brandywine River.

With exotic, native, and endangered species to check out, kids and adults alike can learn something new here. Marvel at the vibrant colors of the Red-billed Toucan, see the innerworkings of an active honeycomb where Italian Honey Bees are hard at work, or watch North American River Otters go for a dip.

Check Out the Hagley Museum & Library

A 200+ acre plot which once housed a 19th century gunpowder works, Hagley Museum & Library is an expansive living history site that’s so much more than its name may imply.

Hagley provides visitors the rare opportunity to take a stroll back in time while venturing the original grounds and gardens of E. I. du Pont, historic mills, and more. The library center’s featured collections document the evolution of business and technology, a fitting subject to explore in a deeply historical setting.

Try New Brews at Liquid Alchemy Beverages

Wilmington area imbibers looking for a fun summer activity won’t want to miss booking a tour and taste at Liquid Alchemy Beverages, a unique brew shop making an array of cool-down beverages that are rich in both flavor and tradition.

Liquid Alchemy specializes in small-batch mead production, a natural beverage made from honey, fruit, and water that may date back as many as 40,000 years! Fun flavors on tap include a mead made from fresh Bing cherries and Peruvian cacao nibs, as well as a delightfully hoppy wine that’ll fool the senses.

Cruise the Wilmington Riverfront

The Wilmington Riverfront offers a whole host of affordable, fun-for-everyone activities throughout the summer that you won’t want to miss. Here are just a few:dancing people

  • Thursday nights all summer long, hop on a water taxi with the whole crew for family karaoke! Family Nights on the River are just $16 for a group of four and include a 10% off coupon to use at Riverwalk Mini Golf’s snack shack.
  • Sunday Brunch Cruises include a full-course brunch buffet on the docks, followed by a 2-hour cruise on the stunning Christina River.
  • August 4th through 6th, camp out on the lawn at Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park for the 20th Annual Riverfront Blues Festival, featuring a legendary lineup of local blues artists.

Explore Winterthur Museum

Although Winterthur is renowned for its annual Yuletide showcase during the holidays, there’s plenty to do in the summertime, too! Outdoors at Winterthur, Henry Francis du Pont’s sprawling yet polished landscapes that traverse lush and colorful gardens, reflection pools, and more is the ideal escape to nature.

Lay a blanket down for a picnic on Sycamore Hill, where you can see down to the Bristol Summerhouse and enjoy a gentle breeze. Children will love wandering through the Enchanted Woods, a 3-acre garden plot built especially for kids.

Summer is finally here, and these awesome local activities will help you get the most out of the season. Enjoy and check out more Delaware happenings here!

Top 3 Restaurants on a Foodie’s Wish List: Salisbury MD

If you could go out to eat every day in Salisbury, MD, where would you head? We took some time to check in with the locals to find out. The following downtown eateries take dining to a new level of awesome with their creative atmospheres and swoon-worthy bites.

Let’s see where your next reservation should be in Salisbury, MD!

Evolution Craft Brewing Co. & Public House

Evolution Craft Brewing Co. & Public Housebeer cheers is a brewery-dining hybrid, where there’s an expertly matched small batch craft brew for every menu item.

  • Eat this: Smoked and pulled Brisket Balls lodged in a cauliflower puree and drizzled with a spicy Thai chili glaze.
  • Sip that: Evolution’s Sprung seasonal golden ale with notes of honey, hibiscus, and chamomile.
    • Evolution even has handcrafted brews to complement their decadent desserts, like the Lucky 7 Porter, a delightful dark beer with flavors of chocolate and coffee and a refined, smooth finish.

Make your reservation on OpenTable.

The Irish Penny Pub & Grill

The Irish Penny Pub & Grillbeer pints’s Irish dishes with an Eastern Shore twist are raved about by both Salisbury locals and Emerald Isle natives.

  • Eat this: One of Irish Penny’s authentic Boxty specials: a Celtic favorite featuring an Irish potato pancake griddled until golden brown and crispy. Stuff yours with fillings like hand-sliced sirloin, caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, and provolone cheese.
  • And this: The Absurdly Large Bavarian Pretzel: A 24-ounce Bavarian beaut with a full dipping flight of house-made cheese, coarse ground mustard, and Penny Pub sauce.

Make your reservation on OpenTable.

Fratelli’s Italian Restaurant

Home-cooked authentic Italian classics in chic-yet-casual digs are Fratelli’s specialty!

  • Eat this: Fratelli’s has been a longtime title winner of the best crab cakes in Salisbury. If you’re not a crab cake lover, you will be after trying their savory Crab Cakes Veneziana that are well-seasoned, broiled to perfection, and topped with fast-melting Mozzarella.
  • Sip that: Your wine pick from Fratelli’s extensive European collection that includes top-notch Chiantis. Or, a masterfully made mixed drink like the sweet Strawberry Shortcake Martini.

Call to make your reservation.

If you haven’t tried these spots, you haven’t had the best of Salisbury. Make your reservation.

Celebrate Summer at These June Festivals in Wilmington DE

Warm weather, great eats, and live entertainment: Nothing says summer like an outdoor festival!

Ring in the summer solstice by attending these four fun, family-friendly festivals taking place in Wilmington, DE, throughout the month of June. Learn more about each one, listed in order of event date below…

Holy Trinity Greek Festival: June 6-10

As the Delaware Valley’s largest Greek Festival in its 42nd year, the Holy Trinity Greek Festival has made its very own tradition out of celebrating Greek culture.

group of friendsAlthough Greek culture is the theme, attending this festival won’t be all Greek to you. The folks at Holy Trinity do an exceptional job at welcoming everyone to their family-friendly Greek party. Look forward to all-day festivities, including authentic Greek food, Greek music played by the Philadelphia Atlantis orchestra, folk dancing, and more.

Just in the mood for some genuine Greek grub? The festival will run a curbside pickup service for their tantalizing Greek eats. Get traditional eggplant and potato casserole, spinach-feta pie with a buttery crust, or grape leaves stuffed with beef and rice to-go by ordering online or on the festival’s app!

St. Anthony’s Italian Festival: June 11-18

Belonging to an Italian family is an experience like no other, and one that St. Anthony’s Festival, the largest Italian-American festival in the region, makes possible each year for everyone.

If you love Italian food, St. Anthony’s is the place to indulge, tortellini to tiramisu. Local Italian caterers and food vendors will fill a massive festival food court located between 9th and 10th Streets with everything from carving stations to artisanally aged meets and authentic Italian cheeses. And of course, handmade pasta!

dancing peopleIn addition to a stellar Italian marketplace and catered dining options, St. Anthony’s Italian Festival will feature orchestra, ballet, and jazz performances, as well as a sensational home winemaker’s competition. You can even check out a full lineup of the classic Italian city car, courtesy of Carman FIAT.

The DuPont Clifford Brown Jazz Festival: June 21-24

From smooth jazz that plays out like a lazy summer afternoon to lively trumpet trills and a catchy swing beat, no music genre sums up the energy of summer quite like jazz.

The DuPont Clifford Brown Jazz Festival celebrates the life of Clifford Brown, a Wilmington native and true jazz great who was a gifted composer, trumpeter, and entertainer.

Now in its 29th year, the festival continues Clifford’s captivating performance commitment and love of testing the limits of jazz with a 4-day tribute at Rodney Square.

In addition to listening to the performers who take the festival stage, look forward to enjoying food and wine pairings that make music of their own!

New Castle County Ice Cream Festival: June 24 & 25

The perfect way to cool down on a hot summer’s day? Ice cream. Tasting an unbeatable assortment of ice cream flavors from the finest makers in the county? Now, that’s a summertime festival that’s tough to beat.

On June 24th and 25th, New Castle County’s family-owned frozen treat purveyors will line Rockwood Park for the New Castle County Ice Cream Festival, serving their best cold delights by the cup or cone.

There’s plenty to do while you savor your dreamy-delicious ice cream, like checking out displays set up by Delaware businesses; shopping for gifts, home goods, or jewelry from local vendors; or stopping by the children’s zone to see the petting zoo, kid-friendly entertainers, and more.


We’ve got your calendar booked solid with great food, music, and fun. Don’t miss these June festivals happening in Wilmington!

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