Securing Garage Door

Now that spring is on its way, you’ll want to do everything to make sure that your home is secure. You can install cameras and alarms, but one of the most important parts of your house you need to safeguard is your garage. There are plenty of services that you can have to make sure that your garage is secure this spring.

At Precision Door Delaware, we’re here to help homeowners in Delaware and North Maryland learn more about the various ways and services that can help them keep their garage secure.

Installing Motion-Sensor Lights & Alarms

Garage Motion SensorsMotion-sensor lights have proven to be very effective at thwarting any breaking-and-entering attempts, because not only does it inform you that there’s movement on your property, but a criminal won’t have the stealthy advantage of the cover of darkness. When the security alarm activates, not only will it cause the perpetrator to flee, but it can inform you that there’s an attempt to break into your home.

Getting Security Cameras

Security cameras have two major purposes: They record any activity that’s occurring on your property and near any entrance to your home, and they can also deter any activity simply because they’re there and visible to any passerby. However, if the cameras go unnoticed, you’ll have video proof of the act and will have something to give to the authorities.

Updating the Locks on Your Garage Door

Garage Door OpenerIf your garage door is old, you may want to consider getting newer and more advanced locks. Updating the lock with thicker bolts could add more protection to your home, securing you and your family safely inside.

Securing the Garage Door Remote

This may be the simplest step of securing your garage door, but it’s very important. If your vehicle isn’t parked inside your garage, then take the remote out. It gives any potential thief an advantage to break into your car to utilize the opener. Keeping your remote in your home can help reduce the risk of your garage being at risk.

Disabling Your Opener & Securing Your Door When You Go Away

garage door remoteWhen you plan a vacation, you may want to prep your garage for your absence to ensure that it’s safe while you’re away. This includes disabling your garage door opener, so it won’t open or close without you there.

Contact Garage Door Professionals to Make Sure Your Door is Secure

If you’re uncertain of your garage door’s security, or you’re simply looking for ways to improve its locking mechanism, you can always contact us at Precision Door Delaware. We’d be happy to perform some routine tests and inspections to assess the security of the door, and we’ll even provide some tips or suggest services to make sure that nothing’s getting through your garage door.

Contact us at Precision Door Delaware for a garage door inspection to see if your door passes the security test! We’re proud to help homeowners in Delaware and North Maryland make their garage doors more secure!