When you rely heavily on your garage door to gain access to your home, your lawn equipment, or your additional storage, it’s important to ensure that the door is in good condition. There are a wide variety of factors that could affect the overall function and security of your garage door. One of the most common problems is your garage door track misalignment.

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Why Did My Garage Door Come Off Its Track?

There are a few reasons to why your garage door comes off its track. The first step towards getting your garage door back on track, literally, is finding out what caused it to become misaligned. Here are a few of the most common reasons your garage door is off track:

  • Worn Out/Broken Rollers- Your rollers are a small, but crucial component to your garage door’s up-and-down motion, allowing it to roll along the track. However, when a roller is too worn or busted, your door will have difficulty opening/closing, and could even slip off the track.
  • Broken Lift Cable- The lift cable is responsible for providing resistance so your door doesn’t slam shut or fly open. But if the cable is broken, your door could slip further down the track and slip out of the track’s rails.
  • Bent/Broken Track- Your garage door tracks are metal, but the weight of your garage door is considerable. If a track were to break or bend, it could cause the door to slip out of the track.
  • Damaged Door from Impact- While rare, accidently hitting your garage door with your car can happen. This force of impact, even at slow speeds, can knock the door out of its track placement.

Getting Your Garage Door Back on Track

The repairs or maintenance on your garage door, along with getting it back on its track, all depend on the cause of how it fell off its track. If it’s the rollers, simply purchase new ones and install them on the track and carefully connect your door. If the cable is broken, you’ll need to replace it.

But when you’ve got a bent or broken track, the repairs are more involved and costly than a simple replacement part. In this event, you may want to consult garage door experts who are certified and specially trained to handle this type of involved and potentially hazardous form of garage door maintenance. If the door is damaged from falling off its track, or from an accidental vehicle impact, you may be looking at an overall replacement instead of repairs.

Contact the Garage Door Experts at Precision Door Delaware

If you’re looking at a garage door off track, and the repairs are involved and could pose a possible health risk, you may want to consult the professionals. At Precision Door Delaware, we’re here to assist homeowners throughout Delaware and North Maryland with their garage door repairs. Our team will carefully inspect the issue of what caused your garage door to become off the track, and they will provide the necessary service and repairs to get your garage door back to working order.

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