People decide to buy a new garage door for their home for many reasons. Maybe they’re building a new home, their current garage door is old and worn, they want a change and are interested in a different style, or they want to increase their home’s ROI.

No matter the reason, choosing a new garage door is an exciting process that drastically enhances a home’s curb appeal. However, with the different options available, it’s easy to become overwhelmed or unsure of where to start.

But by understanding more about garage doors, you’ll get a better idea of what you’re looking for. Keep reading to learn four tips for buying a new garage door.

1. Material

Most garage doors are made of steel because it’s durable, fairly inexpensive, and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. This is the most commonly sought after garage door material. A steel garage door can be personalized to fit your style by choosing from a variety of paint colors, accents, and decorations.

2. Style

Choose a garage door style that goes well with your home for a uniform, pulled-together look. The most common garage door styles are carriage house and traditional.

• Carriage house: This design creates a distinct look for any garage and makes an elegant statement on your home. The carriage house style also increases your home’s ROI by an estimated 83%, which is the highest ROI of any garage door style. If you ever want to move, your house likely will sell quickly with this style garage door.

• Contemporary: A contemporary garage door design typically is comprised of glass, copper, or wood and looks best on modern homes.

• Traditional (raised panel): A traditional, or raised panel, garage door is a simple design that works on many styles of homes. It also presents a great canvas for personalization with windows, decorative accents, and your choice of paint color.

Custom: Design a custom garage door to reflect your lifestyle and personality that matches your home and your tastes.

3. Window Panels

One way to customize your garage door is by utilizing window panels. They add an interesting element to your garage and can even help create uniformity across your home’s exterior.

There’s one type of window panel that can easily be inserted into your garage door. Choose from rectangles, hexagons, circles, and other shapes and sizes. You can even customize the windows with different designs or frosted glass.

Another type of window panel is built directly into the door. These types can’t be interchanged. You can select the type of windows that you want but won’t be able to get new ones until you purchase a new door.

4. Check Them Out

It’s a good idea to get a firsthand look at the doors that you’re considering purchasing so you can see the various materials, styles, and windows. Precision Door’s showroom allows you to see the garage doors in person.

If you’re interested in purchasing a new garage door, click here to contact Precision Door of Delaware.