When you decide to replace your garage door system, you face a lot of options, from the material and style of door you’ll choose to the drive system that will carry out its operation.

Two of the most popular types of garage door openers are belt-driven and chain-driven systems. Which one is the right pick for you and your family’s new system?

We took up the topic of belt-driven vs. chain-driven openers with Precision’s garage door specialists. See what they had to say about how garage door drive systems work and the similarities and differences between these two core system types.

A Garage Door Drive System’s Duty

Your garage door’s drive system is the mechanism by which the door is guided up or down its tracks to effectively raise or lower the door. Without anything to drive the power from the system’s motor, the door wouldn’t be able to work!

Here’s what to consider about the two main types of openers available.

Chain Driven

The chain-driven garage door is the oldest drive style, and it relies on a bicycle-style chain to push or pull the door along its track. Its reliability has kept it around for many years, and it continues to be a strong option.

However, because chain-driven openers move metal against metal when they go up or down, you’ll definitely be able to hear them. This is the biggest drawback of chain-driven models and something you should keep in mind as a buyer, especially if your garage is positioned under a bedroom or next to an area where you’d like to enjoy uninterrupted peace and quiet.

Belt Driven

Garage Door OpeningIn comparison to chain-driven systems, belt-driven garage door openers are nearly identical in design. The largest difference is that in belt-driven openers, a reinforced belt replaces the chain as the model’s push-pull mechanism. The rubber belt moves quietly along the track while also being reliable. This makes belt-driven openers one of the most highly recommended in the industry.

Here at Precision Door of Delaware, we always consider the needs of you and your home before recommending a drive system that we believe will work best for you. But more often than not, belt-driven models are our first choice for our customers. They tend to provide the best of both worlds as a highly dependable system that won’t be disruptive to anyone inside the house.

Expert Installation for Your New Garage Door Opener

Now that you’ve picked the type of opener that will best serve the needs of you and your family, it’s time to choose a garage door service provider to get your new opener rigged up right! Homeowners throughout Delaware and Maryland can count on Precision Door’s certified garage door technicians to properly and securely install all of the parts of their new door.

Our selection of openers features industry-leading brands such as Lift Master and PDS, and our technicians’ work is even backed by a limited lifetime warranty, so you can be confident that your new door will last for many years to come!

To request your free consultation with a qualified Precision Door of Delaware tech, click here.


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