openerToday, technology is making many facets of our lives more convenient, safe, and secure. From smartphones to smart safety systems in our cars, even our homes and garages are raising their IQs!

Smart garage door openers are advanced, simple-to-operate systems that bring many benefits to your home’s operations while providing bigtime peace of mind.

To learn more about these innovative systems, Precision Door of Delaware took a closer look at our premier smart garage door opener system, MyQ from LiftMaster. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages that an automated opener could bring to your home.

Much-Needed Convenience Boost

Probably the best-known benefit of smart garage openers is that they give you the ability to operate your garage door from anywhere.

Using a savvy smartphone app, door control module, and door position sensor, smart garage door openers grant you total access to your garage door’s operations as long as you have a Wi-Fi connected device.

Peace of Mind and Security

The MyQ App allows you to monitor up to 2 garage doors and 16 MyQ-enabled accessories. With MyQ set up and a Wi-Fi-connected device on hand, you can receive alerts via phone notification or email based on door activity. You can even customize when you’re notified (e.g., when the door remains open after 8 am on weekday mornings).

Let in a friend to house sit while you’re away, customize and set open/close times, and always know the status of your door. It’s as easy as the push of a button.

Built-In Safety

LiftMaster MyQ also ushers in its own safety features during automatic or app-requested door operation. When the door is opened or closed using MyQ, a warning light will flash and an additional beep alert will go off throughout the duration of the cycle. This is in addition to a garage door opener’s standard safety features that are also in play.

Straightforward to Set Up, Cost-Effective to Use

MyQ is installed wirelessly and the app is free. There’s no additional service fee or ongoing subscription charge after your initial purchase.

In the long run, with all of the headache and worry that smart garage door openers dismiss while you’re away (not to mention how putting your garage door on its own open/close schedule can help you save on annual energy costs), the initial smart opener investment is small compared to all of the time and sanity it helps you save!

Learn More About the LiftMaster MyQ Opener

If you’re interested in learning more about smart garage door openers or have a specific interest in the LiftMaster MyQ system, get in touch with Precision Door of Delaware to discuss your home’s needs today!

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