When your garage door opener isn’t working, it can be difficult to understand the source of the problem. To help our local homeowners in Delaware and North Maryland get down to the bottom of any garage door opener issues they may be dealing with, we created this opener troubleshooting post with helpful tips for common garage door opener problems.

Let’s get started! If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for or still have an issue after troubleshooting, then contact our team of garage door specialists.

Garage door opens, but the motor still sounds like its running

garage door openerFirst, make sure that your garage door isn’t locked. It may be hard to believe, but more often than not a locked door is to blame for this strange symptom.

Another cause could be a broken part. Do you see any broken cables or gaps in your garage door springs up above? If so, immediately get in touch with your local garage door repair company.

Garage door unresponsive with remote

If your garage door remote suddenly stops working, it’s best to start by checking to see if you may just need to replace the batteries. Test your other remotes as well. If this is the issue, ensure you replace all batteries at once to avoid the same problem from happening in a few days to the next remote holder.

Let’s say you rule out dead batteries and your garage door still won’t budge. It could be that the opener motor was unplugged from its power source or the power outlet isn’t working. Double check the circuit breaker, fuse, or GFCI.

Garage door reverses before hitting the floor

A garage door that won’t stay closed is a frustrating problem. This issue is a real inconvenience and puts the safety of the possessions in your garage at risk.

To troubleshoot this conundrum, check that the door’s safety eyes are clean and dust-free. If this doesn’t get your door to close fully when prompted, you may need to reset the travel distance of your garage door’s opener.

Garage door stuck shut

garage door remoteA garage door that’s stuck shut is a major problem, especially if you discover the issue when you’re already late for work and your car is essentially trapped in your garage.

First, rule out that the garage door isn’t locked. Then, watch this video by our technician team or follow these steps to open the door manually:

  • Locate the red rope attached to the trolley (the piece that stays with the garage door as it moves along the track).
  • Pull the rope to disconnect the trolley from the attachment point. You should be able to move the door freely up and down the rail.
  • Pull the rope down and back to keep the door in manual mode until a certified technician can get to your home.

Get more troubleshooting tips or contact a certified services provider

If you didn’t see your garage door problem here, but are having issues with your opener beeping or flashing lights, you may want to check out this quick-fix guide for how to remedy common quirks native to LiftMaster garage door openers.

If your door is still acting up and you’ve done all of the safe troubleshooting you can, reach out to a certified garage door services provider in your area for prompt, trusted repairs to get your garage door system back up and running in no time.