Your garage door sensors are a crucial function of your door. The sensors on each side of your door connect a beam to make sure that your door can safely close. If the beam is blocked, the door won’t close for fear that someone or something is in the door’s path.

The features on your door are crucial, but on occasion, they can become misaligned. At Precision Door Delaware, we’re here to help homeowners in Delaware and North Maryland learn how to align garage door sensors, so if this problem should occur, you’ll know what to do.

Aligning Your Garage Door Sensors: Step-By-Step

garage door remoteWhile the act of aligning your garage door sensors may seem simple, there are several steps that you’ll want to follow to ensure that you’re performing this service correctly.

  1. Deactivate the Power- To prevent any electrical issue or harm, you’ll want to trip the fuse for your garage so you can work safely.
  2. Loosen the Sensors- You’ll want to loosen the screws that are attached to the mounting brackets and sensors so you can easily move them up or down the garage door rails.
  3. Slide the Sensors- While keeping your garage door sensors inside their mounting brackets, you’ll want to slide the sensors all the way down the garage door rail.
  4. Attach a String to the Sensor- You’ll want to tie a string to the sensor and its mounting bracket.
  5. Connect the Sensors with the String- Bring the untied end of the string to the opposing sensor and tie it to the mounting bracket, so the string is like a tightrope across your garage door opening.
  6. Garage Door OpenerUse a Level- Take out a level to make sure that the string between the sensors is level. If the string isn’t level, you can slide a mounting bracket up or down to help even out the level of the string.
  7. Tighten the Brackets- Once the string is level, it’s time for the closing steps. At this point you’ll want to tighten the screws on the mounting brackets that you’ve loosened earlier.
  8. Double Check the Level- By tightening the screws—because you may have adjusted the mounting bracket and sensor position. Bring the level back out and check to see that the sensors are still level.
  9. Remove the String- Once the sensors have passed the test and the string is level, you can untie it and remove it from the mounting brackets.
  10. Turn the Power Back On- The final step is testing the sensors to make sure they’re properly aligned. You can do this by turning the power back on in your garage. Activate the remote to close your garage door. If the door closes perfectly, the sensors are aligned. If not, recheck the level to make sure that the sensor eyes are meeting.

Contact the Garage Door Professionals

While there are plenty of steps to aligning your garage door sensors, you may find that having a professional reset the sensors can be the right move to ensure that everything goes smoothly. If your garage door sensors are misaligned, and you’re in need of assistance, you can always contact us at Precision Door Delaware.

At Precision Door Delaware, we’re proud to lend a helping hand to homeowners across Delaware and North Maryland. Contact us today for garage door service or maintenance.