When installed, garage door opener units come programed with a factory-default code that corresponds to your set of handheld remotes. But to avoid a fellow new garage door owner from opening your door with their remote and vice versa, this default code should be changed once you’re ready to use the door.

Garage Door OpeningProgramming your garage door opener is easy if you know what to do. In the following post, Precision Door has laid out your marching orders for resetting the opener code to one that’s unique to your garage and programming each remote. The steps below can be used for LiftMaster brand garage door openers.

Step 1: Clear the Previous or Default Code

To set a new code, you need to locate the Learn button on the overhead motor unit (typically on the back or side). You may need to remove the lens cover to access it.

Press and hold the Learn button for 6 seconds or until the LED indicator next to the button goes out. Then press and hold the Enter button. Release it when the unit’s lights flash. If you don’t have lights installed on your opener, you’ll hear a series of clicks instead.

Step 2: Input a New Code into the Opener

At the back of your garage door opener’s motor unit, you should see a set of numbered switches. Choose a new code by pressing the top or bottoms of the switches in a random sequence that you’ve chosen. Just be sure that bottoms and tops are pushed. (Don’t use a code of all tops or all bottoms.)

Step 3: Program or Reprogram a Remote or Keypad

With the new code set and your remote in hand, press the Learn button so the LED blinker lights up. The LED light will remain on for 30 seconds. During this time, press and hold the button on your remote.

When the overhead unit’s lights flash (or click if your unit doesn’t have a light bulb installed), the remote has been successfully reprogrammed. Repeat step 3 for the rest of your remotes.

If you want to reset the keypad code you use to access your garage door, follow step 3 and use the 30 seconds of time allotted to input a new 4-digit code into your keypad unit then press enter.

Step 4: Test Your Remotes or Keypad

Step 4 is easy! Test each handheld remote or your new keypad code to ensure that all devices are on the same wavelength.

Need to buy a new remote control? View this helpful video for advice from an experienced Precision Door garage door specialist. After that, you know how to get it programmed!

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