When your garage door doesn’t respond by the remote or the wall unit, it’s common to wonder whether the opener is broken. Since garage door openers are made up of many small pieces and connections, it’s not always easy to know what’s going on inside them.

The following post from Precision Garage Door’s specialists will help local Delaware and Maryland homeowners troubleshoot the status of their garage door’s opener. Follow the steps below to get to the bottom of your garage door opener problem.

1. Try Manually Opening Your Garage Door

Before you dive into investigating your opener’s operation, you want to check out the door itself. Can you open the door manually? If you can’t, then you have an issue related to the door’s mechanics or hardware, not the opener.

Check out this post for help isolating the problem or contact your local IDEA-certified garage door services provider.

2. Check the Opener’s Wall Control Lights

If you can open the door manually, you can take a closer look at your garage door opener. Specifically, take note of whether the wall control lights to the unit are on or off.

If they’re off: There’s likely a tripped circuit breaker that needs to be reset. Reset the breaker and see if the opener resumes normal operation.

If they’re on: Try unplugging the unit and plugging it in again to reset the opener’s system. This can sometimes clear opener issues but isn’t always the solution. It’s definitely an easy check you can do.  

3. If That Doesn’t Work, Call for Help!

When it comes to troubleshooting a persistent issue with your garage door, knowledge and common sense both come into play. If you’re not a professional garage door technician, stop yourself if you come to a dead end with homeowner-specific troubleshooting tips.

Whether your opener is acting up, you suspect a broken spring, or you’re not entirely sure what’s wrong, calling a trusted garage door technician is the best and safest way to reconcile the issue.

Contact Precision Garage Door

In the case of difficulties with your opener, seek the help of a certified garage door technician and a provider that has access to quality garage door openers, like Precision Garage Door of Delaware.

Our highly trained technicians will give you their professional opinion as to how to move forward. And if your garage door opener is broken, you can rest easy knowing that Precision has a variety of the industry’s leading opener brands, like LiftMaster, in stock.

Every service request completed by a Precision technician starts with a 25-point safety inspection to evaluate the performance of your door and opener and move toward a diagnosis. Plus, we head out to your home to evaluate and fix issues ASAP. Immediate service means we’ll come out to you the same day or it’s free!

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