Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

When it comes to dealing with garage door issues, different opener models and versions have their own quirks. Since openers are made up of a lot of smaller processes, it can be tough to speak to all garage door issues from multiple makers at once.

Our homeowners in Delaware and North Maryland, who have LiftMaster garage door openers have spoken and Precision Garage Door of Delaware’s technicians answered! Check out 3 of the most common problems that LiftMaster opener users experience and our recommendations for how to handle each one, listed by symptom, below.

Beeping Garage Door Opener

garage opener remoteLiftMaster garage doors that have a battery backup and/or are connected to Wi-Fi will beep to let you know about an issue or to confirm that a process step has been accomplished successfully.

1. If your garage door has a battery backup, there are several possible beep scenarios:

  • Beeping every 2 seconds and an LED display that’s steady orange means the unit is using battery power. Is power restored in your home? Test the outlet to make sure.
  • Beeping at 30 second intervals with an LED display that’s flickering orange indicates a low battery. See if the outlet will provide power when plugged into a different device. If so, the battery needs to be replaced.
  • Beeping every 30 seconds with a steady red LED display indicates a dead battery that needs to be replaced.

2. If your garage door is Wi-Fi enabled, most beeps you hear will be related to the opener’s status in connecting to the network:

  • 3 slow beeps indicates that the opener is connecting to Wi-Fi.
  • 6 fast beeps mean that the opener has failed to reach the server.
  • 2 beeps will be heard when the opener attempts to connect to the MyQ server.

Garage Door Opener Lights Flash, but Door Doesn’t Close

Your LiftMaster garage door opener features two safety mechanisms that could stop the door from opening or cause the opener lights to flash.

  1. Check that the lock button on the main door control isn’t activated. When on, this feature will lock out requests from all garage door remotes and restrict operation to the main door keypad.
  2. If the lock button isn’t activated, it’s likely that your garage door’s safety eyes, which ensure that the door only closes when the opening is clear, may be obstructed or misaligned. See this article for more help on safety eyes.
  • If your door comes down, hits the floor, and reverses, your safety eyes are also likely the culprit.

Garage Door Opener Light Won’t Turn Off

LiftMaster garage door openers are equipped with at least one light whose function is wired into the opener. Lighting is defaulted to remain lit for 4.5 minutes and turn off automatically. There are several ways to check whether you just need to adjust lighting settings or that there’s a wiring issue:

  1. Make sure that the light button on your Multi-Function door control hasn’t been accidentally activated. Press and release the button again to turn it off.
  2. Have you been walking back and forth in the garage? It could just be that the safety sensors are being crossed and, because of that, the garage door light is remaining on.
  3. There could also be a motion-detection feature. Check your owner’s manual and, if desired, follow the steps to deactivate this feature.
  4. Your owner’s manual will also tell you how to reset the light time-off feature. You can reset it to as short as 1.5 minutes after activation.

Still Not Sure? Get Help from a Certified Technician

It’s always better to have a professional’s opinion, and if these quick-fix tips don’t resolve the issue or you’re dealing with another not on this list, don’t wait. Contact Precision Garage Door of Delaware for speedy, same-day service from garage door professionals you can trust in the Delaware and North Maryland areas!

We’ll get your opener cooperating and back up to speed and run a complimentary 25-point safety inspection to ensure that all systems are go.