The garage door opener is separate from the garage door itself. The opener is what powers the garage door and controls it as far as opening and closing. It’s important to choose a reliable garage door opener that serves its purpose and fits with your home.

Whether you’re selecting your first garage door opener or replacing your old one, it’s important to be informed in garage door openers so you know just what you’re looking for. Read on for more information about how to select a new garage door opener.

Belt Driven

A belt-driven opener is the best choice for a quiet garage door opening cycle. It works by running a rubber belt on the track to open and close your door. This premium garage door opener drive system is effective, and is typically recognized as the best type in the industry.

This option is great if your garage is located close to your house and you don’t want to hear the garage door opening and closing from inside the house each time someone goes out.

Chain Driven

The chain-driven garage door opener operates by using a metal chain in the train to lift your garage door open and lower it closed. While this option is effective, the chain produces a lot of noise that can be irritating to people in your home.

If you’re worried about hearing the garage door opener clearly and it being disruptive, a chain-driven opener may not be the best choice. You probably want to opt for the belt-driven opener, which is much quieter. The belt-driven opener also has a longer life expectancy and manufacturers provide a better warranty for this product. However, if you’re looking for an inexpensive option, the chain-driven opener could be the right fit for you.

Side Mount Opener

The side mount opener doesn’t take up a lot of space, which makes it a great option for garages with low ceilings and allows for more headspace, and is very quiet because there isn’t a chain involved. It doesn’t have many moving parts so it’s one of the quietest opener options.

A side mount opener garage door opener uses a motor that connects to the torsion system with the motor mounted on either side of the door. The motor turns the torsion spring to raise and lower the door.

This basic information about the various types of garage door openers should help you make an informed decision. However, it’s important to consult your garage door company before purchasing your next opener. Discuss your lifestyle and preference with the professionals and they’ll be able to help you choose the best opener to complement your home.

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