You know how inconvenient a malfunctioning garage door can be, so when your garage door acts up, you should call for repair as soon as possible. But do you know what to look for when trying to determine the problem?

It’s best to be informed when it comes to your garage door so when there’s an issue, you can explain it to the repair company. This article will help you understand how to identify problems with your system in order to properly convey it to your garage door repair company.

• The garage door falls quickly when closing. If your garage door slams to the ground when you close it, there may be a broken cable or spring within the system. The springs in your garage door system play a crucial role, as they allow the door to open and close. Identifying a broken spring is simple because you can look up and see the spring broken in two pieces. If one of these springs is broken or worn out, you’ll want to have them replaced so your door will operate the way it was designed to.

• The garage door opener makes unusual sounds. Unless your garage door opener is very old, it should be virtually noiseless. So if it starts making unusually loud or strange sounds, this indicates that there’s something wrong with it. Tell your garage door repair company about the sounds the door is making, and they’ll be able to inspect the opener to identify the cause of the problem.

• The opener hums, but the door doesn’t move

how to diagnose your garage door needs• The garage door comes down and goes back up before closing. While your garage door failing to close completely may be an issue with the springs or openers, it’s more likely a problem with the safety sensors. These sensors keep the garage door from closing on people or objects in its path. There’s a possibility that there is a short circuit or the safety sensors aren’t aligned. You may notice that the light inside the opener is flashing.

Now that you know how to diagnose some problems with your garage door, call your repair company to come out and inspect the problem. Remember, it’s crucial that you never attempt to repair your garage door yourself. Leave it up to the professionals who are trained and certified to make repairs so you avoid suffering a serious injury.

If you need a garage door repair company to make repairs to your garage door system, schedule an appointment with Precision Door of Delaware.