Garage Door Repair near Newark DE

If you’re a homeowner in Newark, you’re well aware that living in this quaint city has its advantages. With a bustling Main Street complete with idyllic storefronts and various eateries peppered throughout the city, it’s certainly a great place to plant your roots, settle down, and enjoy life. But in order to continue the peaceful existence in or around town, you’ll want to be sure that your home and its components are up-to-date and properly maintained.

Your garage door is a crucial factor for your home in that it provides entry, security, and storage, and can affect the curb appeal and overall value of your home. If your garage door is experiencing issues, or is failing to perform its functions, you’ll want to seek garage door repair near Newark. Luckily, our team at Precision Door Delaware is here to help!

Common Garage Door Issues that Require Repair

Garage Door Repair near Newark DE

There are plenty of factors that can affect your garage door that would inevitably require repair. Some issues can be small, others more considerable, but what’s important is that you determine what the cause of the problem is. Some of the most common garage door issues include:

  • Misaligned Sensors- These photo eyes are placed on the track across from each other. They project an invisible beam, and if the beam is broken by a person or object, the door won’t shut until the object is out of the way. If the sensors aren’t aligned, this can affect the safety and function of your garage door.
  • Worn or Broken Springs/Rollers- These components are crucial to the movement of your garage door, with the rollers gliding your door along the track while the spring adds resistance to ensure that the door closes slowly. It’s important to ensure that these parts are in good condition and functioning properly.
  • Track Isn’t Aligned Properly- The track along your garage door is crucial because it helps the door open and close. But if there was some damage to the track that caused it to become misaligned, or dented, this could affect the overall functionality of the garage door.
  • Garage Door Limit Isn’t Set Properly- If your limit isn’t set properly, your garage door could slam shut while your opener still thinks there’s more space for the door to close.

Contact Garage Door Professionals for Repairs

Garage Door Repair near Newark DE

Garage door repair at your Newark home is no easy feat. Considering how heavy your garage door is, and the various components that all work together, you won’t want to take on repairs all by yourself. Instead, you’ll want to contact garage door professionals to make sure that your garage door is getting the right replacement parts, adjustments, and maintenance. With the professional touch, your garage door will be working properly and you can rest easy knowing that you’ve got professionals nearby ready to help!

If you’re in need of garage door repair near Newark, you can always contact us at Precision Door Delaware. We’ll make sure that your garage door is in perfect condition and functioning normally before we leave!