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Your garage door endures many cycles and constantly uses a variety of working parts to move up and down. For your garage door to continue performing properly, it must be maintained. If it’s not regularly maintained, your garage door won’t function at maximum performance levels.

Read on to find out why it’s important to your garage door system and the safety of your family to keep your garage door maintained.

Prevent Injury

Your garage door system is used every day, so wear and tear naturally occurs. But if the parts become too worn, your garage door can malfunction and cause a serious injury. Keeping each part working properly will prevent emergency situations that could be potentially harmful.

It’s important to see your garage door as a moving wall that your family is near every day. If something were to break, one of your family members could be severely harmed. To prevent this from happening, schedule annual maintenance checks.

Keep Costs Low

By having your garage door regularly maintained, you reduce the risk of something major failing that could end up costing you a big chunk of change up front. Instead of paying a large amount at once when your garage door fails, you’ll pay a lower fee just for having parts inspected and adjusted

Think of it as a preventative measure, just like getting the oil changed in your car. If you make sure that everything is running properly by having a professional inspect the system, he or she can repair minor issues to prevent more serious ones from occurring.

Manufacturers Recommend Regular Maintenance

reasons your garage door needs to be maintained The manufacturer of your garage door strongly endorses annual maintenance on your garage door system, proper door adjustments, and regular maintenance. Precision Door is dedicated to providing high-quality products and services as well as professionalism, so they’ll promote the need for proper door adjustments and maintenance.

Precision Door offers customers the Precision Care Maintenance Plan to provide assurance that the garage door will operate safely for as long as the technicians continue to come out. This plan also sends out a trained and certified technician to repair your system the same day as you experience an issue.

With this maintenance plan, a technician will come to your home on an annual basis and perform tasks such as checking the door balance and making the proper adjustments, inspecting the springs and other moving parts, checking panel integrity, inspecting the side and bottom weather seals, ensuring that access to the garage is secure, and changing out batteries in remotes and the opener lights. This maintenance helps keep your garage door system safe.

If you do find that you need more serious garage door repairs, trust Precision Door to perform seamless repairs to your garage door system. Or if you’re interested in adding more décor to your garage, Precision’s exterior design services can help you achieve a welcoming look that you’re excited to get home to. Click here to contact Precision Door.

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