Your garage door is a moving wall, so it’s important to be aware of all of the safety features that are in place to protect you and your Maryland or Delaware family from a potentially dangerous situation. Your garage door system comes with various features that work together to prevent injuries from occurring.

Learn more about the safety features of your garage door system so you understand how they work.

Force Setting

You can test this setting of the opener by holding the bottom of the door as it closes. If it doesn’t reverse right away, the setting of the force may be excessive and need to be adjusted. Speak with your garage door repair company to make the adjustment.

Safety Sensors

There are typically two safety sensors on each side of the garage that align to determine whether something is in the garage door’s path, which will cause the reversal feature to kick in and the door to go back up. You can test your safety sensors by laying a piece of wood in the path of the door and closing it. If it goes back up, they’re working properly.

Emergency Release Feature

garage door release

The emergency release feature detaches the garage door from the opener so you can manually open or close your garage door. This is necessary when your garage door opener malfunctions and isn’t properly powering your door.

To use this feature, you’ll pull the cord to disengage and then close the door manually. Be sure to still lock it behind you. When you’re ready to use the opener again, check that the door is unlocked, then reconnect by holding down the wall button until you hear it click back into place.

Battery Back-Up Feature

The battery back-up feature allows you to still use your garage door opener even after the power goes out. In emergencies such as a bad winter storm, or a fire in your home, you’ll always be able to open your garage door.

Regular Maintenance

Although these features are meant to make the garage door system safer for you and your family, it’s important to remember that repairs should be left to the professionals. Trained professionals are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the garage door system and properly repair it.

garage door repairThe manufacturer of your door recommends that you hire a garage door company to perform maintenance on your door every year. During this time, the garage door company will inspect all of the parts of your garage door system, including the springs and cables.

Having this annual maintenance will ensure that the aforementioned safety features are working the way they should be to prevent injuries. The company will typically replace items such as batteries and light bulbs as well so you’re good to go for another year.

If you’re looking for a garage door repair company in Delaware or Maryland, click here to check out Precision Door. This reputable repair company has a multitude of services available, from opener repairs to spring repairs, and also offers many styles of new doors as well as various exterior design services to personalize your home. Precision Door also offers a maintenance package so you’ll always be covered.

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