When choosing a garage door for your home, it’s important to explore all of your options, including the material from which it will be constructed. Each material available for constructing a garage door serves a different function, so you should know what each one does before making your final decision.

Learn more below about the different types of garage door materials available so you have a better understanding of what would benefit your home.


Many people choose vinyl because it’s virtually indestructible, so it isn’t easily dented or damaged. People also opt for vinyl garage doors due to the low maintenance associated with them, as you don’t have to worry about vinyl rotting, rusting, or warping.

Vinyl is a durable material and is an outstanding option for a garage doors. Another benefit is that it can be customized as far as color and finish plus you can add glass.

Vinyl is a great material to choose for your garage door and will complement any garage and home. It’s on the pricier side, but its durability makes it worth it.

Steel is another inexpensive but durable option for your garage door. In fact, it can even be cheaper than vinyl, and it’s typically low maintenance.

best materials for your garage doorAnother benefit of a steel garage door is the endless possibilities when it comes to customization. It can be painted to achieve any look that you desire and can also be customized with textures. You may also be able to choose the thickness of the steel panels and the amount of insulation that comes with the door.

A steel garage door is a good option if you’re looking for something that’s durable, low maintenance, and fully customizable.


For a modern look to your garage, a glass garage door with an aluminum frame will act as an attractive yet durable entryway. This contemporary look is sure to provide a visually interesting element to your garage and home while also increasing the curb appeal.

Since there are numerous glaze colors from which you can choose, you also can customize a glass garage door to match with the look and feel of your home.


Best Materials for Garage DoorsA wooden door is a classic choice and will complement any home or garage. This traditional door style is often handcrafted from fine wood and detailed to provide exquisite appeal to your home while still looking simple and reserved.

Choose the perfect stain option for your wooden door and add windows and decorative hardware to make it your own.

Wood Composite

While wood is a great option visually, it can easily and quickly be damaged. Wood composite, on the other hand, gives you the same traditional look of a wooden door but is durable and doesn’t warp or rot. This material also is environmentally friendly and can be customized using paint as well as windows and decorative hardware.

Now that you know about the various available garage door materials, it’s time to select one for your garage door. Check out Precision Door of Delaware for more information about garage door materials, styles, and repairs.