Choosing a new garage door style is exciting. There are conservative styles that create timeless interest, modern and contemporary options that incorporate unconventional materials, and custom designs that are only limited by your imagination. Which one is right for you?

With all these options to review, it helps to have some direction to guide your research. Use the following questions from Precision Garage Door of Delaware & Maryland for help with finding the garage door style that matches your aesthetic.

Do you want to update your home’s look or stick with the style it had?

The first question you should answer relates back to whether you’re happy with the current style door you have. If you are but would just like a small change, consider investing in the same style in a new door material or adding hardware or a fresh window design.

Remember that an updated style can further boost your home’s curb appeal while bringing all the functional benefits that a new door brings.

What door style works for your home?

If you’re interested in a departure from your old door design, you can narrow down which style may look the best using the look and feel of your home as a guide.

white garage doorOlder homes are elevated by:

  • Traditional/raised panel doors: Featuring stacked paneled sections, this is a simple, classic, and elegant door style with great versatility.
  • Carriage house doors: The look of a barn door that opens at the middle with the ease of overhead operation, carriage house doors are refined and unique.

Newer homes look best with:

  • Contemporary doors: Uniting avant garde materials and clean, modern tailoring, contemporary doors act as functional focal points.
  • Custom doors: Have a door design already drawn out in your head? Custom doors provide homeowners the opportunity to build their own doors from the ground up.

Are you partial to a particular door material?

Choosing a garage door style and choosing a garage door material is often a chicken-and-egg situation. While some homeowners have a strong preference about the material of their door while others don’t.

Here’s a quick breakdown of which door materials popular door styles tend to come in:

  • Traditional/raised panel doors are available in just about any material and are popular in steel, wood, and vinyl.
  • Because of their countryside inspiration, carriage house doors look fantastic in wood or wood composite. Many times, their design is enough to convey this feel and painted materials like steel also work.
  • Contemporary and custom doors often feature rare and unique materials like opaque glass or polished aluminum

Get More Garage Door Style Tips

We hope this post helped you solidify some decisions about choosing your new garage door style. If you don’t have all the answers yet, that’s okay. Download Precision’s free eBook Your Garage Door Style Guide to continue your search for the perfect new door.