Your reason for buying a new garage door doesn’t need to be 100% aesthetic. Replacing your old door with an insulated one proves it! If you’re starting to research what you’re looking for in a new garage door, check out these reasons why installing an insulated door is well worth it.

 1. You’ll Save on Home Energy Costs.

measuring garage doorThe biggest benefit that installing an insulated garage door brings is a reduction in your monthly energy bills. How? Insulation backs your door with an extra layer of air-trapping material, reinforcing the barrier between the climates of your garage and home and that of the great outdoors.

This way, less air escapes during extreme temperature months, meaning your heater or air conditioner doesn’t need to work as hard to maintain a comfortable climate.

 2. Insulated Doors Are More Durable.

Compared to garage doors that only consist of a single layer, multi-layer insulated doors are generally sturdier and better able to withstand regular wear and tear.

From being used as a backboard while the kids play basketball to enduring four weather seasons and all the precipitation that comes with them, everyday use demands a high-quality, insulated door.

 3. Your Home and Garage Will Be Quieter.

In addition to better separating your garage and home from the temperature outside, insulated garage doors are effective sound barriers.

If you live close to a busy road, or have a garage that’s attached to a bedroom or living room, an insulated door can make these environments more peaceful.

 4. Your Garage Will Be More Comfortable.

Does your garage have another purpose aside from housing your cars and tools? Maybe your gym equipment is set up here, or a table and chairs for board games with friends.

While an uninsulated door might prevent you from using your garage in the summer or winter, an insulated garage door’s temperature separation will help make the space comfortable enough to spend time in there year round. If your garage is just a garage, there are still benefits, like minimizing the time it takes to warm your car up in the winter.

 5. Insulation Preserves the Look of the Door.

With multiple tiers of material backing the door, insulated garage doors tend to keep their newness about them for longer. Insulated doors are purposefully made from resilient yet low maintenance door materials so they provide an exterior look that lasts.

Although an insulated door will cost more than an uninsulated door initially, the above benefits certainly add up! Once your insulated garage door is installed, you’ll spend less money on average to heat or cool your home, and you won’t need to worry about replacing your door for a long time. This makes the choice to buy an insulated door the more cost-effective option in the long run.

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