Your modern home is a masterpiece of clean lines and a simple silhouette. There’s minimal detailing and the exterior overall is refined and sophisticated. You’ve spent a lot of time perfecting the exterior of your modern home, adding accents here and there that tie the contemporary theme together. For this reason, you need a garage door that will put the final touch on your home.

However, finding the right garage door for your modern home can sometimes pose a challenge. People aren’t always sure what they’re looking for or what style door will accurately capture the essence of their home.

Fortunately, the professionals at Precision Door are here to help. Below are a few tips and tricks to finding the right garage door style for your modern home.


First, you want to make sure that the style of the garage door fits the style of your home. It’s important that the overall appearance of the garage door complements your home’s exterior and its overall personality.

Contemporary Garage DoorKeep reading to find out more about the styles that will work the best on a contemporary home.

  • Traditional: Traditional raised panel is a common garage door style, and you can’t go wrong with this type of garage door. While it’s not flashy, it can be customized to each home. You can add windows and other accents and can choose from different colors.
  • Contemporary: Contemporary garage door styles may add the distinction to your home that you’re looking for and seamlessly mesh with the exterior. This garage door style is just like modern homes with clean lines and a sleek look. Choose a modern material like copper, glass, or wood for your door to personalize it to your home.
  • Custom: If these styles don’t get the job done, choose a unique custom design that embodies the vision you have for your garage door. You’ll be able to decide exactly what your door looks like so it can complement your home.


contemporary garage windowsAfter you select the right garage door style for your home, choose the perfect accents to customize your home. Accents go a long way to make a garage door fit the exterior of a modern home.

  • Windows: Adding windows to your garage door will instantly make it look more modern. Windows also provide an element of interest as well as increase curb appeal. You can even add windows that seem to match the ones on your home for a unified look.
  • Handles and Straps: The door straps on your garage door can enhance its overall appearance, tying in the theme of your home or making your garage door pop in contrast to your home. There are also many different types of handles, allowing you to choose the material based on your home.

Take these tips into consideration when you visit Precision Door to choose the garage door for your modern home. Click here to contact Precision Door for more information.