Is Your Garage Door Increasing Your Energy Bill?

If you’ve noticed a spike in your energy bills over the past few months, but your usage hasn’t increased, you may be wasting energy. But how do you detect the waste? Whether it’s forgetting to turn the lights off when you go out, or simply leaving electronics plugged in, you’ll want to reduce energy waste and learn more on how to save. However, when it comes to energy waste, your garage door could be playing a part.

At Precision Door Delaware, we’re here to help homeowners in Delaware and North Maryland understand the relationship between their energy usage and their garage door. We’ll go over how energy is wasted, and how you can actually conserve energy with your garage door.

How You’re Wasting Energy with Your Garage Door

garage door woodenYou may be surprised to hear that you’re wasting energy because of your garage door. In fact, this is especially important during the winter and summer when the temperatures are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. If your garage door isn’t properly insulated, you’ll see that you’re wasting a lot of money on excessive heat and air conditioning.

While buying a new garage door, you’ll want to look for R-Value. This is the measurement for the thermal resistance used in the garage door. The higher the R-Value, the more insulated the door is—and the less likely it will leak cool or heated air, causing your energy bills to go up due to working overtime to compensate for the loss.

How to Save on Electricity with Your Garage Door

garage door openerHaving an insulated garage door is the best way to help keep your garage at an optimal temperature. You can keep your garage toasty in the brisk winters and cool and breezy during the sweltering heat of summer, all without losing any of the tempered air or causing a rise in your energy costs.

Insulation plays a huge factor in keeping the HVAC system from overworking and causing your bills to rise. However, adding a window to your garage door can actually help improve its efficiency by not only giving off some heat, but also by lighting your garage during the day and saving you from using the lights.

Another way to reduce your energy use with your garage is by having your opener maintained regularly. On top of ensuring that the motor functions and the performance of your opener are optimal, this will also help keep efficiency high, reducing the need for any excessive power if the opener is performing sluggishly.

Start Saving on Your Energy Bill with Your Garage

Now that you know the importance of R-Value and your garage door, and how it factors into your energy use, you can get started on saving on your next energy bill by installing a new garage door with better insulation. Over time, you’ll use up less energy and see lower bills, showing you that there’s a strong return on investment with an updated garage door.

Start cutting your energy costs today by contacting us at Precision Door Delaware for your free estimate and to learn more about different R-Values, garage door types, and other ways to ensure that your garage door is as efficient as possible without wasting energy. We’re proud to lend a helping hand to homeowners throughout Delaware and North Maryland when it comes to saving money with their garage!