A garage door with a mind of its own is almost always a source of immediate concern. You’ve made sure that your remotes are accounted for and aren’t in the hands of your children or jumbling around at the bottom of your purse, yet your garage door still seems to be opening and closing on its own will.

In the following post by Precision Door of Delaware, we’ll dive into the possible reasons why your garage is opening by itself and what you can do to get it fixed in a jiffy. It could be…

1. An Electronic Issue with Your Remote, Keypad, or Opener

garage opener remoteElements that are wired up with many different intricate parts and processes, your garage door’s electronic receivers and transmitters leave a good deal of opportunity for ghost door circumstances to be just right. A short circuit or an inner piece coming loose from any of these suspects could be enough to lead to erratic behavior from your garage door.

Or it could be even simpler than that, in the way that a flashlight flickers before it goes out.

The easiest solution you can try as a homeowner is to replace the batteries in your remotes and keypad and see if things calm down. If this doesn’t fix the issue, seek the professional assistance of an experienced repair provider.

2. Another Home Nearby Picked Up Your Garage Door Code or Frequency

While this second reason is pretty rare, it’s still presented itself enough to make it onto our list. There’s a chance that the cause of your garage door’s mysterious activity could be due to a neighbor with the same garage door code or frequency pushing their receiver and raising your door.

Seems crazy, right? If you think this could be the reason, try changing your opener’s frequency or choosing a new code and observe whether the issue goes away.

Not comfortable changing these codes? When in doubt, it’s always best to get a trained expert’s opinion.

Getting Your Door Back in Working Order

When your garage door is acting strange, it tends to put a damper on the rest of your day. Don’t push off life’s commitments or feel the need to change your routine. Instead, seek the help of a trustworthy garage door services company near you with an emergency services line.

You can’t plan for a garage door issue, but you can plan to bring in the help of professional technicians who are well-prepared and ready to spring into action. Delaware and Maryland homeowners count on Precision Door of Delaware’s highly trained technicians for last-minute repairs and rest easy knowing that we’ll have somebody there within four hours or their service is free!

If you need help today, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Precision Door here.

Or maybe you’re interested in learning more about the duties of your garage door’s parts. There’s certainly more going on than meets the eye. Our free homeowner’s guide to garage door repairs will walk you through the composition of your garage door system’s parts, clarify what does what, and even give you a few pointers on who to call when your garage door is on the fritz.

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