When it comes time to ready your garage for winter, replacing old garage door weather stripping is one of the simpler fixes that can make a big difference.

To help you check and replace your garage door weather stripping with confidence, Precision Door of Delaware in Delaware and North Maryland put together the following weather stripping and seal inspection guide for homeowners.

Weather Stripping 101

Weather stripping is a vinyl trim or strip that lines your garage door’s side and bottom jambs. It serves two main purposes: to protect the integrity of the door and the surface into which it comes into contact and to seal the inside air in and the outside air out.

Whether your AC is working to keep things cool in the summer or your heater is set to full blast in the winter, when installed and working properly, weather stripping can be a good friend to your home’s energy bill.

Over time, weather stripping can dry out or fall out. And when it goes bad, there’s typically no buts about it: It needs to be replaced. Making sure that the weather stripping around your home is doing its job before an extreme temperature period begins is a wise precaution.

Check Weather Stripping for Damage and Wear

You should check the condition of your garage door’s weather stripping at least one to two times a year. Ensuring that the door is closed, pay close attention to the edges of the door. You want to examine the areas between the door and the side jambs as well as the section that lines the bottom of the door (typically affixed to an aluminum boot).

Here’s what to look for as you check each section:

  • Is any light coming through?
  • Can you feel the breeze from outside or any air going out or in?
  • Are any sections or pieces cracking, flaking, missing, or brittle in texture?

If you answer no to these questions, the weather stripping is good to go for another season. If not, the entire trim or section that’s affected will likely need to be replaced. To ensure an even seal, it’s recommended that you make it a habit to replace weather stripping sections at the same time.

Get a Professional Opinion on Garage Door Weatherstrip Replacement

Replacing your garage door’s weather stripping before cold weather strikes is always a good idea. When you know what to look for, it’s a fix that can have a lasting impact on your home’s heating and cooling bills—for the better.

While identifying old weather stripping can be cut and dried (literally), sometimes getting a professional opinion is your best bet.

The Precision Door of Delaware team in Delaware and North Maryland are happy to help our fellow homeowners evaluate garage door seals and recommend and install new garage door weather stripping where it’s needed. Get in touch with Precision Door today to see how we can help you on garage door weatherstrip replacement.