As we head into January and February, we want our local homeowners to be prepared for winter’s wrath in every way possible, including being on the lookout for winter-induced garage door emergencies.

In the following post, we’ll take a look at the 3 most common winter garage door issues and how you can avoid them.

1. Irregular Opening and Closing

If your garage door is having trouble traveling on its tracks, stopping partway, or just moving slower than normal, the winter weather could be to blame. When the temperature outside fluctuates from subfreezing to mild and back down again, the metal in your garage door’s tracks contract and expand accordingly, making it more difficult for the opener to move the door.

How to Avoid It: This issue can most times be remedied by properly lubricating key parts in your door’s system.

2. Thickened Grease in Door Tracks

Extreme temperatures will harden and freeze excess grease that’s caught in the door’s tracks, which is another common reason for the door to open or close inconsistently. That’s why we just mentioned proper lubrication of your garage door: Adding too much grease can reverse the benefits of lubricating it altogether.

How to Avoid It: Seek out the help of a garage door technician to oil your garage door system. A certified technician will apply grease strategically and may bypass applying it to the tracks to sidestep this problem.

3. Garage Door Is Frozen to the Floor

The winter garage door issue that every homeowner dreads the most is a garage door that won’t budge because it’s frozen shut. If you suspect that your door’s stuck in the closed position, you might hear the opener trying to move the door when you push your remote but to no avail.

How to Avoid It: Don’t let ice or snow build up by your garage door’s opening. Shovel out your door fully after a snowstorm and lay down salt to prevent ice from forming between the door seal and the garage floor.  

Seek the Help of a Trusted Garage Door Technician

From brutally low temps to the constant cycle of melting and refreezing, winter can really take a toll on your garage door’s system. We hope this post helped you learn about how you should care for your garage door in the winter and what to watch out for when you notice decreased performance.

If you’re caught in the middle of one of these winter garage door dilemmas, the best solution is always to get in touch with a reputable garage door services company in your area staffed with trained and experienced door technicians.

Delaware or Maryland homeowners facing a door that’s frozen shut or not working properly can call Precision Garage Door of Delaware & Maryland. Our emergency services phone line provides you with 24/7 access to quality repairs day or night, on holidays and weekends. Contact us today to see how we can help you.