Your garage door serves as an important part of your home, and many people even consider it the new front door. So why not make sure it looks the part? There are many ways you can customize your garage door so it reflects your personality, lifestyle and, most importantly, the rest of your home.

Take advantage of the following garage door customization options that allow you to create the perfect entryway to your home for a warm welcome every time you pull into the driveway.

Garage Door Wrap

Garage Door Customization Spruce up your garage door with a vinyl wrap and bring an interesting and creative element to your garage. Each garage comes with a wrap, typically made of wood or metal. Due to weather conditions and natural wear and tear, these wraps wear down, which creates a dull look for your garage door. Updating with a new vinyl wrap is a quick, easy way to customize your garage door while also providing long-lasting protection for it.

The best part of a vinyl garage door wrap is that you can achieve any look you can think of. No matter what design or color you’re looking for, it can be projected onto your wrap for a completely unique appearance. Another benefit is that the installation process is as simple as removing the backing from the wrap and applying the wrap directly to the door framing.

Stone Accents

If you would like to incorporate luxury and class into your home’s appearance, stone accents may be the perfect solution. These striking accents look great on any garage door and can be a perfect addition to your home’s outside décor. Columns and pillars can also serve as attractive focal points to draw attention and provide visual interest for onlookers.

Garage Door Surround

Garage Door AccentsAdd an extra element of sophistication to your garage with a surround. A surround frames your garage door to make it pop, adding dimension to the entire structure. This appealing element will capture your neighbors’ attention and create an exciting focal point for your home.

Match your garage door surround to the rest of your home or opt for a different look for an interesting contrast. Create your custom garage door surround by choosing from a wide variety of materials, colors, and finishes to personalize your garage.

Customizing your garage door is easier now than ever before, not the complicated construction project it once was. Simply select the exterior design service you’re interested in or talk to your garage door company about what look you want to achieve. Incorporating elements such as surrounds or stone accents into your garage can usually be completed in a day or two. Use these additions to increase your home’s curb appeal and create an exquisite entryway that impresses everyone who sees it.

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